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Raw Configuration

You can use raw configuration to setup rare advanced global settings.

In scripting, use /rawconfig command-line parameter (when the settings cannot be configured using dedicated command-line parameter or scripting command).

In .NET assembly, use Session.AddRawConfiguration method (when the settings cannot be configured using any dedicated property of Session class).


Common Advanced Settings

Name Description Values
Interface\ExternalIpAddress External IP address
Interface\CopyParam\FileNameCase File name case modification 0 = No change, 1 = Upper case, 2 = Lower case, 4 = Lower case 8.3
Interface\LocalIconsByExt Turn off loading icons from local files 0 - Load icons from local files, 1 - Resolve icons for local files by file extension only

Other Settings

To find correct syntax for settings not listed above, configure the setting in the GUI, save configuration to an INI file and use the same syntax as you find an INI file.

The settings is identified using syntax section\name, where the section is a path to configuration section from [Configuration] section in an INI file.1 E.g. to configure a setting ExternalIpAddress in section [Configuration\Interface], use Interface\ExternalIpAddress.


For example to configure an External IP address, in scripting: /rawconfig Interface\ExternalIpAddress= /script=...


or in .NET assembly (using PowerShell):

$session.AddRawConfiguration("Interface\ExternalIpAddress", "")
  1. Or HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Martin Prikryl\WinSCP 2\Configuration key in a registryBack

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