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Re: Copy folder selection error

Thanks, I'll fix it.

Copy folder selection error


When I select a file in the remote view, right click, and go to Copy..., a box comes up that lets me type in a filename. However, if I click on the Browse... button to select a directory (say, for example, the desktop) and click OK and then Copy..., it gives me an error. It says "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop is not a file!" Apparently, the folder returned by the choose folder dialog does not include a trailing \ in the file path, so that you have to type it in manually. From what I can tell, any folder (except for drive letters like C:\) are missing the trailing slash.

BTW I am using WinSCP 3.8.0 (Build 312). This bug also existed in 3.7.6.

Hope this isn't a duplicate bug post.