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Re: Possible bug in Session.PutFile

What version of WinSCP are you using? Do you have the latest one? Please set Session.DebugLogPath and attach a complete debug log showing the problem. Also a complete exception callstack.

Possible bug in Session.PutFile

I have been using this client for some time. It's an awesome library.
I am doing a simple upload via streaming.
Usually, when I am uploading I use the physical path method as I have the file physically.
Currently, I am downloading the file from one location and uploading it to another location.
Using this method avoids creating unnecessary files locally.

I am getting an error on this line.

I am not familiar with the internals but I looking at code.
I think this check is incorrect.
this._process.StdIn is going to be null in the beginning.

Below is my code for calling this method.

public void UploadFile(Stream stream, string remotePath)
    // Setup session options
    var sessionOptions = new SessionOptions
        Protocol = Protocol.Ftp,
        HostName = FtpHostName,
        UserName = FtpUser,
        Password = FtpPassword
    using Session session = new Session();
    // Connect
    if (session.Opened)
        session.PutFile(stream, remotePath);