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Configure AS2 connector

When you configure a connector, it’s best to configure a global element that all instances of that connector in the app can use. Configuring a global element requires you to provide the authentication credentials the connector uses to access the target AS2 system.

To configure the global element for AS2 Connector, follow these steps:

Select the name of the connector in the Studio canvas.

In the configuration screen for the operation, click the plus sign (+) next to the Connector configuration field to access the global element configuration fields.

On the Authentication tab, configure the authentication method for the outbound request.

You can reference a configuration file that contains ANT-style property placeholders (recommended), or you can enter your authorization credentials in the global configuration properties. For information about the benefits of using property placeholders and how to configure them, see Anypoint Connector Configuration.

On the Advanced tab, optionally specify reconnection information, including a reconnection strategy.

Click Test Connection to confirm that Mule can connect with the specified server.

Click OK.

This may help you,
Rachel Gomez

Re: Configure AS2 connector

Ok, but you should ask that at some AS2 forum. This is not really a WinSCP question. Your question originally sounded like you ask just for WinSCP configuration. But now it looks like you know you have to setup something on AS2 side first. We cannot help you with that.

Re: Configure AS2 connector

Hi Martin,
I know this software, but I'm looking for a free connector.
Thanks for help

Configure AS2 connector

it is possible configure an AS2 connection with WinSCP? (Applicability Statement 2 HTTP-based protocol used to transmit messages in EDI systems).
I'm searching an alternative for RSSBus software.
Follow indication found here:
seems would be possible. If yes, where I can found config info?
Many thanks for help.