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Re: need to log in to secure host THEN ssh to my final destination

SSH have feature called port forwarding. It may help you, if your company supports it. Ask you administrator, he should help you. You need to download Putty to setup port forwarding. You may also search the forum, it think you'll find some info here.

need to log in to secure host THEN ssh to my final destination

I would love to continue using WinSCP, but I don't know if it can serve my needs any longer.

Recently my company's security got boosted. Formerly I could connect directly to my production server, but now I have to log in to a "blessed" host and then ssh to my production server from there.

I transfer a lot of files, and I don't see doing this on a command line. My life will be miserable if I have to use SecureCRT to do this daily.

WinSCP is great, and I use it a lot. But I don't see any way to log into the host and then SSH from there.

Let's call my blessed host "safehost.corp" and my final destination production server ""

So right now I have to copy files (using WinSCP) to safehost.corp. Then I get on safehost.corp (with SecureCRT) to scp (secure copy) files over to

Then I have to ssh to to make sure that the files are actually there and I didn't make a typo and send them somewhere else. A drag with one or two files, but I have to update whole directories.

Can you help me? Is there any way to use WinSCP to do this? Drag and drop is WAY easier and less risky.

Thanks very much. Love your product.

Laura Hamilton