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Thanks a lot, you sent us in the right direction. Yesterday my friend and I installed samba (for testing purposes only) and guess what - samba is having the same weird problems :shock: , though ssh 1 and pscp is still working fine. Ive testet it with another machine and Mandrake -> no problems there, WinScp works fine with ssh 2 only. So I guess it really is a library / kernel version problem and not a problem with WinScp at all.


I use have a linux box running here aswell... you might want to upgrade to openssh-3.7.1_p2 due to a security advisory

also, with this version and a linux 2.4.20 kernel I seem to have no problems at all...

WinSCP 3.3 SSH 2 only crashes Linux box?

We experience a weird problem using winscp 3.3 on Windows XP Pro. SP1 with "ssh 2 only" setting. Whenever we connect to our unix box (Suse 8.2, openssh 3.7.1p1) and start copying a file, the unix machine powers down immediately. No obviouse crash, no shutdown, power down as if someone has unplugged the power cord or pressed the power button. This problem only occures when we use winscp in ssh2 mode, it does not happen when we use pscp or winscp ssh 1. Any suggestion?