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Yes, DB Patch is a file.

Then how to open it? then why my file name is show wrong.

Please help

Re: UTF-8 Characterset Not Supported

What does it mean "when i open the DB Patch"? How do you open the file (I suppose "DB patch" is a file)? In an internal editor of WinSCP? Internal editor does not support Unicode.

UTF-8 Characterset Not Supported


I have downloaded the latest version of WINSCP from net and upload my DB Patch to my remote Ubuntu-DB Server box.

My DB Patch has contents of German,French,Italy,Polish and more languages .

When i copy my DB Patch to my DB Server via WINSCP, copied successfully and file size shown correctly. But when i open the DB Patch ... i Could not see any contents other than this #.

But i can able to paste the same contents in edit mode using default editor and save works, But does not work when copying directly.

Also, this is my file name ழோமகுீதஹல்.txt, but it is viewed as ??????????.txt in WINSCP.

Not sure this is a bug, But need your help to overcome this.

MuraliDharan V