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Skip all in script solved


"option batch continue" worked.
Really happy now.

Thanx a lot, prikryl !

Re: Skip all in script

There's no way to do this from script.

Skip all in script


Kinda new to WinSCP.
I am using it to copy the content of a local folder to the server, automatically. For this I am running WinSCP and using a script.
The script is:

option synchdelete on
open user@backupserverIP
cd /var/backup/user
option transfer binary
synchronize remote "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\My Documents" mydocs

The problem is that sometimes some files are locked, and the sync prompts for Abort, Retry, Skip, Skip all. In this situation I would like the option to be Skip all without prompting. Does anyone know a way to do this from the script?

Thanks a lot.