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Bernardo S. A. Silva

2.2 and "No for all" feature are not present... :(


Please consider the "No for All" overwrite option. I really need this simple option...

Thanx a lot... Bernardo S. A. Silva
Bernardo S. A. Silva

Not ask me again.


Only a suggestion:
The new "Not ask me again" can substitute the "Yes for All" and the "No for All". It can be very GOOD!
Remeber to make this option works on Overwrite msgbox as it works on Copy/Delete msgbox.

Thanx a lot! Your soft. even better!
Bernardo S. A. Silva

Re: No for All on Overwrite Msgbox

I'll consider this :-)
Bernardo S. A. Silva

No for All on Overwrite Msgbox


It is a simple suggestion, but helps a lot with directory syncronization. Like some ftp clients (ncftp by example) the msgbox "Overwrite file? Yes / No / Yes of All / Abort" can be changed to "Overwrite file? Yes / No / Yes for All / NO FOR ALL / Abort".
It is very simple, but it is VERY useful.

Thanx a lot... your software is the BEST!
Bernardo S. A. Silva