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Re: Cancel Button on WinSCP Login Screen

Thanks for your thoughts. I consider that.

Cancel Button on WinSCP Login Screen

When WinSCP is first started, the WinSCP Login window appears, showing the "Stored Sessions". It has a Close button but no Cancel button. When I "Loaded" a "Stored session" to edit, at least initially, it appeared to me that a different window was opened that overlapped the one I was just at. When I decided to not make any changes, my instinct was to click on a Cancel button, but there was only a Close button so I clicked on it. I was surprised to see the entire application exit. It took me a while to notice that the navigation tree at the left changes and that I was still in the same dialog. I finally figured out that I could get back to the stored sessions by clicking on the left navigation tree "stored sessions" limb.

Even though I now know how to use it, I still find myself accidentally clicking on the Close button. I can see where a Cancel button would help the new user that doesn't understand your interface yet. In this case, a Cancel button would simply return the user to the last navigation location.

The function of Edit automatically implies changes that the user should have the option to cancel on.

After the application has started, the menu option Session | New Session opens the same dialog. Now, clicking Close doesnt seem out of place, and it does what is expected (it closes the dialog).

When the application is first being started, a Cancel button and a Close button makes more sense. That way, the user has the choice to Cancel what part they are in.