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I can make this optional, if more people ask for this.

But I would still keep the "open in current instance" the default behaviour, as that's the right thing to do (I believe).

Heh, I had to look up the term 'jump list' to post this thread, should have RTFM first I suppose. Still, it would be nice to make that optional, since it is a behavior that has changed. The shift tip will alleviate my immediate annoyance though :)

P.S. drag and drop between two sessions, bonus points for using SCP between them!

New sessions from jump list - open in new window?

I just updated to the beta, and sessions opened from the Win 7 jump list now open in new tabs instead of new windows. I couldn't find an option to change this behavior, is there one?

While I'm here, fantastic program, and thank you so much for allowing anonymous forum posts!