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Thanks a lot for the clarifications. Very happy with WinSCP

considering is blocked by a lot of antivirus software as 'malware/malicious' and that it is basically a front for pushing their not-quite-trustworthy 'malware-remover' called Unhackme, I would not put too much weight on what is found there.

They seem to just google-spam the most searched for software and brand it as 'malware' so that people can download their (probably malware itself) software.

Here's what they say about Putty:

"We checked up the file PUTTY.RND and found it hazardous. The file PUTTY.RND must be deleted from the system immediately. "

Scum of the Earth types basically :mrgreen:


Many thanks! I was quite confused by this post

Re: WinSCP malware?

The winscp.rnd is data file, no executable contents.

So it just a nonsense that it could be a malware.
I have commented the blog post. But it's moderated and the comment has to be approved. Will see what and if they respond.

WinSCP malware?


I am using WinSCP and I ma very happy with it. I ma Windows user and to be able to access a Linux servr without he ocnosle is very good. However, I have got this information saying that WinSCP can be contaminated with malware:
<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>
Any comment regarding this post?