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Script for Renaming the file in local Folder

Dear All,
I have the daily file with name like Sales 12-02-2014, Sales 13-02-2014,
Sales 14-02-2014,Sales 01-03-2014. I want to auto upload from ftp to local machine with file name as maximum of date per month. That is Sales-Feb-2014 and Sales-Mar-2014 and old file in local folder to replace with new files.. Please help ASAP.

I have given the script as

option batch continue
option confirm off
Open "Session"
Lcd "Local Folder(ie E:\")
get "Remote Folder(/Home/folder/*Sales*.CSV>1d" )

It is coping only last updated date but not replacing old one per month. If old files is 31-Jan-2014, new one is 01-Feb-2014. Than 31-Jan-2014 could not delete. If Old file is 01-Feb-2014, new file is 02-Feb-2014. now 02-Feb-2014 to be replace with 01-Feb-2014 and not with 31-Jan-2014.

Thanks in advance,