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Re: Simple script - This app can't run on your pc

Strange. I can run on Windows 10 x64.


Scratch that, works with .exe

I'm sure I remember doing it differently under W8!

forgot to sign off with:

"thanks for any help " :-)

Simple script - This app can't run on your pc

I am trying to run a simple test script to sync an ftp folder with a local directory and on running the script I am met with the following command and the resulting error:

C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP> /console /script="d:\backups\testlocal\sync.txt" /log="d:\backups\testlocal\log.txt

On closing this, the final line in the command prompt window is "Access is denied".

I am running Win10 (64 bit) and the command prompt is running as elevated. My simple script can be seen bottom right in the screenshot.

Any ideas why this isn't working please? Is WinSCP scripting not compatible with Windows 10?