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Re: 2 way sync with delete

It's not possible. How could WinSCP recognize, if a file was added on one side or deleted on the other?

That screenshot was "photoshopped". It was not real. It's fixed now.

2 way sync with delete


I'm looking to script a 2 way sync with delete, but so far I've been unable to achieve what I'm after with the GUI, so I'm looking to find if it's even possible.

The situation I have is that files can be added, changed or deleted on both the PC or the FTP side, and I want it to synchronise correctly between the 2. The adds and changes work fine with 'Both' mode, but delete doesn't appear to function. So if I delete a file from the FTP side, the PC puts it back on the next sync.

I found this thread, - which shows pictures of the sync screen with 'Both' selected and 'Delete Files' enabled and ticked. When I select 'Both', 'Deleted Files' is greyed, and although I can pre-select delete before it's disabled, the sync checklist only shows adds or changes. I'm using version 5.9.6 on Windows 10.

If there a way to 2 way sync with it accurately handling deletes, or is there no way for it to know whether it was deleted on one side, or added on the other side with SFTP?