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Re: login to myserver with 2 factor authentication, enabled on SSH with googles authenticator

Please attach a full session log file showing the problem (using the latest version of WinSCP).

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login to myserver with 2 factor authentication, enabled on SSH with googles authenticator

I am new to this forum, and I am having a problem I just enabled 2 factor auth using the google authenticator pam module that you can use to use googles authenticator. I have everything setup and have challenge responce option set to yes in my sshd_config and it works with PUTTY just fine, it askes me what user I want to login as, then it says keyboard interaction prompts from server then it says password, then after it asks me for the code which I get from the google authenticator app on my Phone. and that works with loging in but with winSCP when I log in to the same user, it says edit protected like it wants a password I try using a code from the app again, and it doesn't like it I try entering my user password and it still doesn't like it so I am not sure what is going on I have use keyboard interact in the advanced settings on the session that am trying to log in to. Also I am a blind user of WinSCP just so you all know. I am running WinSCP Version 5.15.2 (Build 9590)
Any help with this would be great I would like to have this as a better security methid for anyone who logs in to the server weather that would be SSH or Sftp.
Kevin Roberts
PS the server I have this setup is arch linux 2018 with the libpam-google-authenticator module installed.
Kevin Roberts