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Re: Automatic refresh -option for Remoteview

Please read documentation.

Automatic refresh -option for Remoteview


I'm using WinSCP v3.7.5 (build 294) and I'm only missing one feature in your great software. I would like to see an button at Remoteview's toolbar that could allow so called "automatic" refresh -option for remoteview's current directory. This should prevent timeout -disconnects from the server (which is very annoying when working long time with WinSCP in a day).

Time for "automatic refresh" could be example 60 seconds or so, but the best way to do such a option would be customized value in the Settings -dialog, which would be read when the "automatic refresh" -button is pushed down at the remoteview's toolbar.

Hope this small new feature could be implemented in next release, this would greatly reduce my (and propably others too) time spent with "Connection timeout" -errors and connecting back to server to continue my work.