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Re: Can't download symlinks from Linux server using ftp. Sftp works fine.

Please attach a full session log file showing the problem (using the latest version of WinSCP).

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Can't download symlinks from Linux server using ftp. Sftp works fine.

I was not sure if I should reopen an old bug tracker so I'm creating a new one just in case. The bug tracker to reference is here:

According to that old link, back in 2013 this bug was fixed for beta 5.2.2. I just downloaded the newest stable version from WinSCP site 5.15.3 and tested to see if that change made it's way into the latest stable version. Unfortunately my test failed. WinSCP did not download the file from the linux server that the symlink referenced using regular ftp.
The error I got was: Can't change directory to XXX.pdf: No such file or directory.
I also noticed the remote icon for the symlink is a folder icon with a little arrow.
Sftp downloaded the file correctly and I noticed the remote icon for the file is the correct icon for that filetype.

So my question is did this bug fix forget to be included in the WinSCP stable build? Is it only included in beta releases? Is there a setting change I need to make?

Technical details:
WinSCP vers 5.15.3 GUI
Windows 10 Home vers 1809
Linux Debian 4.9.110-1