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Re: WinSCP Portable 4.0.3 Released (Works on USB w/ PuTTY)

I'm aware of the advantages. I just wanted to let my users know that WinSCP itself can do part of the task.

Re: WinSCP Portable 4.0.3 Released (Works on USB w/ PuTTY)

martin wrote:

Hi Martin. We're aware, but the Format package has a number of advantages.

    TRANSLATIONS - The PAF package includes the translations from the local version which the user can choose whether or not to install within the installer
    EASY INSTALLER - The installer automatically detects an existing install of the Platform and installs into it
    DATA SEPARATION - The data is separated from the app by default in a folder that can be easily picked up by the Backup utility
    PRE-CONFIGURED - It's pre-configured to keep both the random seed and temp files portably so the user doesn't need to manually adjust any of those settings.
    LANGUAGE SWITCHING - It automatically switches language with the Platform. So, if you have your menu in German and download WinSCP Portable in Format, when you launch WinSCP it will automatically come up in German.
    WORKING WITH PUTTY - WinSCP Portable works with PuTTY Portable without impacting any locally used PuTTY or WinSCP connections Format is the open standard for portable software. With the installers, launchers and platform, it's similar to U3 but it is open source, works with any device and is far more popular. And GPLed software can legally be packaged in Format (GPLed software can not be packaged using U3's installer. The FSF has confirmed this).

WinSCP Portable 4.0.3 Released (Works on USB w/ PuTTY)

I've just posted the stable release of WinSCP Portable 4.0.3 after completing the public beta. This package of WinSCP is in Format for easy installation to any portable device (iPod, USB flash drive, portable hard drive, etc) and integration with the Suite, the most popular portable platform. WinSCP Portable automatically integrates with PuTTY Portable so you can have one-click access to a PuTTY session.

WinSCP Portable homepage

I also created some higher-res icons which I've posted here: