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Re: WinSCP hangs in SFTP mode

Can you post a log file?

WinSCP hangs in SFTP mode

hi, don't want to add to the misery of problems I LOVE WinSCP but WinSCP hangs in SFTP mode if the destination folder doesn't exist, at least it did for me on this one serve, basically I was askingit to navigate to a folder called /www on the destination server and (for some reason) it just sat there for infinity at the scroll info/prelogin pop up page at the "reading host directory" statement because /www did not exist, only /home/a/thedomain/www existed bizarrely I know this might noe mean naything but /www was correct for the FTP settings I had been using (that isp had both ftp and sftp enabled) so I changed the server hostname (added a "s" to subdomain to make it and chose the different port/protocol but FORGOT to alter /www in the destination folder settings anyway this caused it to hang to infinity.. just thought you might want to know