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Topic review


Thanks :)

OK. This issue has been added to tracker. So maybe if more people asks for this... :-)

Sorry, meant to say that fie is saved in


where c:\_remote_ is my specified folder to keep downloaded files.

As of 4.1.1 WinSCP saves full path to the remote file - why?

So i upgraded to 4.1.1 and i noticed that WinSCP started to save remote file inside lots of folders repesenting remote path.

Say remote file is in /sites/prod/site1/classes/local/a.html - it is saved in c:\_remote_\sites\scp0493\prod\site1\classes\local\a.html

Can this "feature" be disabled? It's very annoying when using EditPadPro since it shows full path for every file in a File Panel tab :)

Had to go back to 4.0.7.