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You are right. I installed sftp-server on my NAS and connected through SFTP, and now the larger files show up in WinSCP. Thanks!

Re: Unexpected directory listing when a file is > 100MB

What protocol are you using? I suppose that SCP. Try SFTP instead.
If you need to use SCP, you can try to tweak session option Directory listing to insert space between the group name and size. E.g. using sed command.

Unexpected directory listing when a file is > 100MB


Am I doing something wrong here: As soon as a file on my NAS (Qnap TS-109) is larger than 100MB, the contents of the folder where the file is located cannot be displayed in WinSCP. Instead I get an error message, e.g. "Unexpected directory listing line '-rwxrwxr-x 1 admin administ367516266 Mar 14 03:11 File.avi'".

It doesn't matter what kind of file it is (I have tried with rar, zip and avi), what rwx-rights the file has or in which folder on the NAS it is located, as soon as a file is > 100MB the error occurs. Several 90MB files in the same folder poses no problem. And as soon as the > 100MB-file is deleted or replaced with a file smaller than 100MB the folder contents are displayed correctly in WinSCP. Browsing through Windows "My Network Places" the folder contents are always displayed correctly regardless of file size.

Looking at the error message quoted above it seems to me that there is no space between the Group and the file size ("administ367516266"). Could this be the reason the error occurs, that when the file size consists of 9 characters (>100 MB) the group name and the file size are merged into one string and cannot be interpreted by WinSCP? Is there some setting I can change?

Please bear in mind that I am new to WinSCP, PuTTY and NAS:es...