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.NET assembly / COM library


Proxy request failed, can't connect through proxy server

  • 2018-02-25 06:07
  • aasir

Program freezes after a timeout

.NET and ooRexx - OK in WIN7 but error in WIN10

  • 2018-02-23 18:39
  • aput

Create WinSCP.SessionOptions takes 20 seconds in COM and account not logged on

Support for IBM z10 directory paths

  • 2018-02-22 20:42
  • rtbt

Support .NET 4.5

Could not create WinSCP.SessionOptions

  • 2018-02-21 23:09
  • aput

SynchronizeDirectories and FIlesTransferred callback

Downloading files using GetFiles

Tracking which files are being added during sync

Property 'FileMask' Cannot be found

GetFiles with FileMask is skipping files

Add-type in Powershell not working

Remote server change directory

Session event handler through COM interface using pywin32

SSIS xml logging

"Tag chmod before tag download" exception

Liberal file locking in 5.11.3

sftp access via tunnel server by privatekey and passphrase

SFTP connection works in GUI but not via the .Net dll

.Net assembly times out with SFTP, but WinSCP client connects fine

Powershell: Exception on New-Object WinSCP.Session

Unable to use new SessionOptions statement in SSIS Script Task

Synchronization Error

Get 226 Responses after Session.PutFiles

Keyboard Interactive Authentification - programmatically using C#

Synchronization Error

Deleting Remote Files Without Downloading the Files first(VBS or WSF) script

.NET Assemblies session.SynchronizeDirectories events

Exception after upgrading to new version 5.11.3

Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)

Having exception when GiveUpSecurityAndAcceptAnySshHostKey is enabled

Create new WinSCPnet.Session Object in VBA fails

Listing of VB Script (Enums)

How we can handle connection if remote server generates dynamic IP address?

C# FTP : How to Check time out and abort session

Element session@0 already read to the end

SessionOptions.SshHostKeyFingerprint does not accept 1024 bit fingerprints.

How to Login to SFTP with Password/Passphrase instead of Hash?

Reconnect in case of "Timeout detected. (control connection)"

  • 2017-12-15 23:06
  • serjdag

could not create object named "WinSCP.SessioOption"

Upload file from Amazon using putfiles function

Apparent memory leak.

File mask in EnumerateRemoteFiles

Directorymask problem

  • 2017-12-03 15:37
  • Guest

PS Synchronization :: Remote - show deleted files

Setting Ignore Permission Errors in VBS

.tmp files created in Temp folder by Session

PowerShell Syntax for SessionOptions.AddRawSettings

  • 2017-11-23 16:05
  • Ajay

Help setting $transferOptions.FilePermissions in powershell

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