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.NET assembly / COM library


Error: Exception: System.IO.IOException

System.OverflowException in WinSCP.ConsoleCommStruct..ctor

Peer Certificate rejected

c# winscp.exe sshhostkey?

DirectoryListing slow?

Might be SSIS, but thought I would post

Different way to use WinSCP within SSIS using a Script task

Cannot Load Assembly in powershell

how can i get the SShKey from server ?

WinSCP .NET assembly Host Key not verified

Host key wasn't verified using WinSCP .NET assembly

ListDirectory with file pattern

download of WinSCP.DLL version 4.3.7

How to Open a Stored Session

Creating remote folder error with permissions

Specify the gorup while spcifying the permissions

Putfiles method hangs

Feature Request: Implement ISession so we can mock

WinSCP in VBA Excel Error: ActiveX component cannot create

Where can I get the example which is writed by C++ Builder?

  • 2012-05-17 10:01
  • abaz

PowerShell/.NET Assembly Error - Recursive calls not allowed

Hi, here here. Help, plz

Downloading contents of folder is not getting completed

Failure to invoke WinSCP.dll from Magic eDeveloper EDI

purging files

  • 2012-05-04 07:55
  • c10c

Network Directory Not accessible through .NET Assembly

Unable to connect via FTPS

Problem with Daylight saving time

Synchronize files from remote sftp directory to local

Syncronize Vs GetFiles C#

Unable to connect to server SFTP

Error message on log file

Renaming Files on FTP

  • 2012-04-10 14:32
  • Lino


Remote Directory

Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available

  • 2012-04-03 11:53
  • c10c

File Permissions

.NET assembly wrapper class

temporary file exception

WinSCP, Sql Server Integration Services and Visual Basic 200

Issue connecting to SFTP server, command exit status 0

Can someone kindly provide how to use proxy setup for SFTP?

Creating Remote directory

vbnet example w/PutFile, regarding password and sshhostkey

Close open session and controlled destruction of object

Accessing COM library via VBA

Error-handling example for Session object in VBScript?

Upload file

Error with Imports WinSCP

Removing the password from Session.Output

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