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I would like to know few options available in .Net Assembly for WinSCP

Error while adding WinSCPnet version 5.13.8 via Nuget

Error transferring file - No such file or folder. Syntax error in parameters or arguments.

Please update to PuTTY 0.71

Problem with .css files

WinSCP; downloadable file, received unexecutable.

Network Error: Software caused connection abort

  • 2019-03-18 01:08
  • jtotiker

How to bring background transfers to the foreground?

  • 2019-03-16 22:59
  • NewUser

WinSCP.exe*32 Processes in task manager

login issues

"bad message" error on uploading certain filenames with SFTP

Continuosly crashing

windows task scheduler action ->argument issue

WinScp's "Connect through SSH tunnel" feature stopped working after Windows 10 1809 update

Error in winscpnet.dll ,while transferring the file

Is it possible to change default confirmation answer?

Windows10 Dark Mode Support

how to export the winscp-credentials correctly?

libssh in WinSCP?

Auto disconnect VPN to use WinSCP

Unable to create directory with subdirectorys using sftp

missing 'upload' in local context menu

session.Open error in dotnet core 2.0

Import sessions from SmartFTP

Auto transfer files from remote server by filename

Saving problem when using Notepad++ with WinSCP

Not able to bridge the connection with WinSCP and VM ware

Create Folder

copy link by right-clicking filename? (feature suggestion)

Where is .exe after build?

  • 2019-03-09 11:43
  • Guest

Script not reading correct port in profile

Reload of Remote Text File sometimes deletes lines within the text file

  • 2019-03-08 15:54
  • A.E.

Random application failures when winscp is opened from a network share with error code 0xc0000006

support in german

Timestamps on Files in SFTP Session Are All 12/30/1899

How to allow an SCP client to change file mod time without being the owner

Unknown command 'ssh-rsa'

tree synchronization

Can't find the Generate Transfer Code dialog box to generate File Transfer script template?

Connection failed on session.Open method

Cannot create folder via WebDAV

Incorrect Password

Report button redirects to empty page

Possible to connect through VPN to remote server

Transfer channel can't be opened

Invalid access to memory.

Tar/Gzip processes never ending for WinSCP

Problem with ver. 5.13.6

How to incorporate FileTransferProgress in VBA

Problem with scripted upload + multiple connections

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