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setting default permissions when creating directories on remote server

Server's Host Key is not Cached in the Registry

WinSCP 3.5.6 does not work with activated screen-reader

  • 2004-04-07 10:21
  • Guest

Saving "openned" files using Binary

  • 2004-04-06 19:38
  • Derek A

Connected with putty but not with WinSCP

Bug with DragExt.dll

Overwriting existing directory setup partially copied

Terminal functionnality

File copy from command like

FAR plugin and putty sessions

SCP login to server with banner prompt ?

GUI Display bug

Putty integration

copy from one remote shell to another remote shell (fxp like) ?

Local window disappeared

annoying feature

Overwrite file

using SCP to access shared windows folders

help - synced the local and remote w/o bkup

Downloads Go Beyond EOF

Time estimated error...

~3.5.6 file selection bug

How to compress a directory with WinSCP using SCP protocol


  • 2004-03-30 11:01
  • Johan

newbie: can't connecto to my smoothwall firewall

  • 2004-03-29 00:55
  • maple_243

SFTPv4 Not Supported Error

cant copy Files

copy / move to subdirectory by drag and drop

Posting to sourceforge

Drag and Drop: Move vs Copy: Default action is not intuative

get file path on remote server

upgrading server to SFTPv4 protocol?

  • 2004-03-26 04:08
  • Guest

Accessing server...firewall....using SCP mode

  • 2004-03-26 03:18
  • PyRo

Transfer file in ASCII Format

drag & drop problem

Keep up to date

How to switch "MOVE" mode and "COPY" mode?

  • 2004-03-25 03:18
  • Guest

non existent directory

  • 2004-03-24 18:19
  • Jonke

Download from command line

Cannot get "keep remote dir up to date" to work properly

Moving WinSCP to another computer

Authentication problems in set up

su command

shell metacharacters

EAccessViolation on startup

  • 2004-03-19 23:57
  • jklamo


SSH/SCP with Key Auth from windows to Linux box

Newbie. Macintosh compatible?

Error with specific file name

newbie: trouble connecting to host

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