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Using command line with WinSCP


Copy - does WinSCP inform us of replacing files?

Firewall complaints about WinSCP2 changes.

problem with malformed default setting

Remote file move.

  • 2003-03-07 17:11
  • Dago

shortcut from the desktop to a session

WinSCP hangs on Xfer, PSCP works fine

"session password"

  • 2003-03-04 18:59
  • Guest

Error skipping startup error message. Can't detect command return code.

  • 2003-03-03 16:53
  • guest

Problem on connect to ftp server with ssh

Foreign characters

  • 2003-02-26 14:11
  • Guest

little Bug

braindead user


File Copy options seems to be missing in WinSCP2.2

  • 2003-02-21 05:03
  • John


stored sessions

Thank You!

Tweak Question - embedded settings

source ALMOST compiles for me ;)

  • 2003-02-16 10:43
  • Guest

Using WinSCP with BitVise's WinSSHd

  • 2003-02-15 22:29
  • James

Socks5 BUG?

problems when setting default preferences

Possible vulnerability when winSCP crashes on WinXP

Can't drag & drop


server backups with rstoring from user and group attributes?

Software Aborts when Tx 450 Gig File !

  • 2003-02-11 17:34
  • curly

Problem with very large files

Run in batch command

BUG: Problem when connecting to server with none existing remote address

  • 2003-02-10 10:59
  • Guest

Problems downloading and getting started

"connection reset" viewing large directories

problem copying files...

OpenSSH in Windows - how to un-chroot()?

  • 2003-02-09 21:01
  • Fanta

buttons defaced


problem connecting as user

  • 2003-02-06 19:13
  • Guest

command line switch for ini file location?

starting in different local directory

VanDyke Vshell with WInSCP

WinSCP directory listing locks up when I cd to a remotely mounted directory

new user, just got winscp working, problem with transfering files

  • 2003-02-04 07:37
  • chip

BUG in password dialog

  • 2003-02-04 07:05
  • Derek

BUG in terminal

  • 2003-02-04 06:52
  • Derek

Times out when transfering files in either direction.

Problem with preserve timestamp

sftp with windows ssh server

  • 2003-01-31 08:36
  • Guest

Feedback - I've linked to WinSCP

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