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Hey all,

I have a strange situation ATM. I am having to connect to a clients server (behind a firewall) from a computer that has a static IP.

My connection at home has a dynamic so I connect to another ssh account that has a static and then to the client system per ssh.

to transfer files I use winscp to upload to my shell server (static ip) and then I ssh in and scp the files to my clients server (behind firewall with IP filtering).

me/DHCP --> shell server --> firewall --> client server

as you can see this is rather annoying. I am trying to get the proxy functions working to that I can connect to the shell server and then through it to the client server.

any ideas?

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The functionality will be supported natively with the next release. Meanwhile, this FAQ may help you.
Martin Prikryl


thanks for the link but it just won't fit the bill. the box I use winscp on is the only windows box in the game (the others are real servers. i.e. linux, solaris, bsd, etc...).

there are 4 different servers behind the firewall that I need to transfer files to and from and logging in to the shell server to start a tunnel is just about as much work as just typing in the scp command to transfer the files.

hmmmm. thanks anyway.


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