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Using the .net assembly, we are trying to put a 2MB file to an sftp server. The "filepart" is copied and deleted. Changed to an ASCII transfer and the zip file was put on the server, but two bytes were incorrect. Could not find a programmatic way to disable the auto reconnect. Is anyone using this successfully? Is there a limitation with the sftp server? Here is the code:

public static string WinSCPIt(string host, int port, string username, string password, string remoteDir, string zipFile, string destFile)
string strMessage = "";
SessionOptions sessionOptions = new SessionOptions
Protocol = Protocol.Sftp,
HostName = host,
UserName = username,
Password = password,
PortNumber = port,
SshHostKeyFingerprint = "some valid key" // removed for post

using (WinSCP.Session session = new WinSCP.Session())
WinSCP.TransferOptions transferOptions = new WinSCP.TransferOptions();

TransferOperationResult transferResult;
transferResult = session.PutFiles(zipFile, remoteDir + "/", false, transferOptions);

// Throw on any error
return strMessage;
catch (Exception ex)
strMessage = "WinSCP Error occured: " + ex.Message;
return strMessage;
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Sorry, I do not understand the problem. Can you try again? Or post a log file.
Martin Prikryl

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