FTP timestamps off by 1 minute



FTP timestamps off by 1 minute


(Was requested to post separate topic, as I initially posted as reply to thread with similar problem.)

I have a problem with timestamps being off 1 minute on FTP server, making synchronization a pain.

When I change a file and upload it via regular FTP, the timestamp on the server shows the same timestamp as the local file, but minus 1 minute. So a file changed 14-1-2013 11:31:30 uploaded to the server shows on the server as being changed 14-1-2013 11:30:30.

I'm currently using a +1 hour offset for this server (but this is as expected and okay). If I add 1 minute to the offset, ie. +1 hour +1 minute offset, then the same timestamp on the server reads 14-1-2013 11:32:30, which actually is 1 minute in the future compared to local file, but is 2 minutes more than it said when the offset was at 0 minutes.

So basically, with the minute offset at 0, the server timestamp is 1 minute behind local timestamp. With +1 minute offset the server timestamp is 1 minute ahead of local timestamp (and 2 minutes ahead of server timestamp without offset).

Using (portable) WinSCP 5.1.3 build 2881 on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (64 bits) with Commander-style GUI.

PS. when I log off FTP and log on via SFTP (port 22 with passworded keyfile), the previously via FTP uploaded file shows the proper timestamp.

prikryl, I'm e-mailing you the logs (FTP and SFTP) after posting this topic. The last FTP login in the log I had set the timezone offset from +1 hour 0 minute to +1 hour +1 minute.

Thank you very much!

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