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I was wondering if there is a way of NOT using bash with this. I dont have a clue on earth why WinSCP does not like jk_lsh !!! Jailkit is the bomb! Had to change


Sure I got it working with bash but when I asked my friends to hack/crash my box they did it in no time. One friend made a script with CAT that filled my HD with YOU SUCK and the next day my computer was down. That is now fixed since I put the jail on a disk-img using Quota. My friends are like flies on poo and Snort is picking up all sorts of ways they are messing with my box. There are just too many tools that can be used with basic Bash. I just want people to ONLY see their home. Dont want to add basicshell stuff that ppl can see or use.

Ubuntu Hardy server (Soon to be EnGarde Secure Linux)
Jailkit on Quota disk-img - SCP SFTP for WinSCP

Sucks that I have to use basicshell to work with WinSCP!
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Please post a log file showing WinSCP session with jk_lsh.
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