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The Server has Version 4.0.7 (Build 370)
We are using WinScp to receive data from a client. They place the file on our secure FTP Server. Then use Zmod to perform the GET to retrieve from the FTP server and pllace file on the System i.

During initial development the Vendor would perform the Manual Process to put the files on the FTP Server. Everything worked fine(No blanks between each record).
Now they are using a script and when I perform the GET blanks are inserted bewteen each record on the System i file.
Have you ran into anything like this before?

Manual process works fine (No Blanks between every record)
When I sent the files manually (in April and this morning), I connected to the \\FTP Server, initiated a command prompt, and issued the following commands, in this order (this is the example for Store 53):

1. D:
2. Cd \CDS-FTP\cdsusr42
3. "C:\Program Files\WinSCP\"
5. Put INV053
6. Put INV053_stats.txt
7. Put ACTRG053
8. Exit

Script runs and esnd file. When retrieved from the server, blanks are inserted between every record.

Now, when we use the automated process, one of the steps we perform is to create a batch file to accomplish the same thing as above. This is done in our SQL Servers Export system. The code probably seems a little strange, but you have to consider that this is created at execution time, when were generating the output for the store. The code is written in T-SQL to use the store information at the time of execution in order to create the files. The snippet of the SQL code that creates the batch file looks like this:

insert into #batch (line) select 'put Process\' + @output_filename
insert into #batch (line) select 'put Process\' + @stats_filename
insert into #batch (line) select 'put Process\' + @trigger_filename
insert into #batch (line) select 'exit'

At execution time, the files being sent reside in a subfolder of the export folder called Process, and the filenames vary based upon the store number, as required by Academys specifications. As you can see, the text in red for these steps look remarkably like Steps 4-8 in the manual list.
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I'm sorry, I probably do not understand the problem. I do not know what System i file nor records are. And how they are related to the transfer done with WinSCP.
Martin Prikryl

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