Recent Version History

This is a list of changes for each release of WinSCP. See also project history.

5.8 (not released yet)


  • Authentication with TLS/SSL client certificates. 921
  • Redesigned Progress and Synchronization progress windows.
  • WebDAV file locking. 1315
  • Opening the initial Login dialog over the main window.
  • Automatic updates (for donors only).
  • Updates are checked over an encrypted HTTPS connection.
  • Showing tips on using the application.
  • Improvements and fixes for large font/high DPI environments:
    • Toolbar, menu and dialog images for 125%, 150% and 200% zooms (120, 144, and 192 DPI respectively). 1302
    • Scaling toolbar drop downs.
    • Scaling menu and toolbar details (submenu arrows, drop down arrows, drag handles, checkmarks, radio-button marks, color palettes).
    • Scaling status bars on Synchronization checklist and Find windows.
    • Scaling drop down button arrows.
    • Correctly scaling file icon on Properties dialog.
    • Scaling application icon on About dialog.
    • Scaling images in installer.
    • New application icon sizes.
    • New installer icon sizes.
    • New desktop icon sizes for site, site folder and workspace.
    • New Console, Editor, Log, Find and Synchronization checklist windows icon sizes.
    • Scaling icon overlays.
    • Own scaled icons for message boxes.
    • Using scalable system window resize grip.
    • Preventing system from scaling windows when moving them between displays with a different DPI.
    • Scaling Synchronization checklist action column.
  • SSH core upgraded to PuTTY 0.66.
  • Improved transfer speed:
    • with SFTP and SCP protocols when CPU is limiting factor.
    • with SFTP on high latency connections. 1295
  • Improvements to scripting, command-line and .NET assembly:
    • Change: Script file has to be in UTF-8 encoding.
    • Command-line interface for converting and editing private keys. 1331
    • Script or .NET assembly code template can be generated in GUI.
    • Allowing manual verification (with timeout) of SSH hostkey/TLS certificate in batch mode in scripting.
    • Added Session.EnumerateRemoteFiles method that can enumerate remote files and directories recursively. 1356
    • Switch -latest for get and put commands to transfer the latest file only.
    • Added a FullName property to the RemoteFileInfo class.
    • Resume and Append (TransferOptions.OverwriteMode) in .NET assembly. 1358
    • The open command in scripting can open FileZilla stored site.
    • Showing full open command syntax suggestion, when using saved site in batch script.
    • Change: The RemoteFileInfo.Name now contains a name only, even for a RemoteFileInfo instance returned by the Session.GetFileInfo.
    • Added properties IsThisDirectory and IsParentDirectory to RemoteFileInfo class.
    • Added Session.CombinePaths utility method as remote path equivalent of Path.Combine.
    • Added Session.TranslateRemotePathToLocal to generate a local path equivalent of a remote path, given root paths.
    • Change: Deprecating Session.DefaultConfiguration in favor of Session.AddRawConfiguration.
    • Not re-reading XML log when end of the file is reached to optimize performance. 1287
    • Parameter /loglevel documented in usage.
    • Removed deprecated .NET assembly options FtpSecure.ExplicitTls and FtpSecure.ExplicitSsl.
    • Warning when useless command-line parameters are specified in scripting.
    • Not offering host key verification in scripting if configuration is not persistent.
    • Suggesting use of -hostkey switch in host key verification prompt in scripting.
  • Optionally not closing the application after the last session closes. 857
  • Optionally preserve timestamps of directories with SFTP protocol. 94
  • Selected private key files in OpenSSH or format can be automatically converted to PuTTY format. 22
  • Allowing selection to start in the first column of file panel.
  • Change: Change of language on run-time is not supported anymore.
  • Session name (!N) and port number (!#) patterns for custom commands and terminal client path. 1346 1020
  • Configurable internal editor font color and default background color. 1326
  • Change: Using UTF-8 for strings (such as password) with SSH protocol. 1014
  • Using REST command to resume upload with FTP protocol. 552
  • Incremental site search can be restricted to the beginning of site name only or expanded to other site fields. 1348
  • Supporting impersonated IIS environment with .NET assembly. 1334
  • Files can be dropped on queue list. 1281
  • Including all at least 80% translations into installer. Informing user when incomplete language is selected when installing.
  • Displaying Owner file property with WebDAV protocol.
  • Save All function in Internal editor. 1327
  • Masking out passwords when logging command-line. 1344
  • TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.2d.
  • Installer upgraded to Inno Setup 5.5.6.
  • Enabled IPv6 with FTP by default. 1310
  • Support for long local paths when deleting local file. 1352
  • Animation on Find dialog and Authentication progress window.
  • Displaying mod_dav executable property.
  • Reloading site list when opening Login dialog to open additional session. 1322
  • Handling ssh:// URLs and opening them in PuTTY. 1305
  • Resetting 10 seconds input timeout every time a key is pressed in scripting batch mode. 1347
  • Optionally trimming VMS version numbers from filenames during transfer. 1312
  • Caching fingerprints of last verified host keys so they can be used in Generate URL function on Login dialog already.
  • Download/Upload and Delete command moved to Download/Upload submenu 1279 and Edit With menu moved to Edit submenu. Edit With submenu is newly available on Edit toolbar button.
  • Added Download/Upload in Background commands to respective menus. 1280
  • Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+L and Alt+D to focus Address toolbar (Explorer interface) or open bookmarks (Commander interface). 1303 Change: Shortcut of command Clear Selection changed to Shift+Ctrl+L.
  • Commands to select/unselect all files with the same extension. 1286
  • Inserting -load argument of PuTTY before custom user arguments. 1351
  • New icon for Find command and dialog.
  • About dialog lists all current and past translators.
  • Warning when transferring multiple files to same name. 1282
  • Hint user about possible reasons of SFTP code 4 error. 1285
  • Platform SDK is no longer required to build 64-bit drag&drop shell extension.
  • Increasing initial/minimal SFTP transfer packet size.
  • Improving layout of installer Completing page of for long translations.
  • Display parent directory in file panel even if the server does not include it in directory listing. 1298
  • Showing only folder, not files, on Progress window, when calculating transfer size.
  • Avoid flickering busy mouse cursor while calculating transfer size or collecting changes for synchronization.
  • Showing localized language name on description of Typical installation.
  • Added icon for Cancel All queue command.
  • Correcting labels and hints for color commands in an internal editor.
  • Session color can be set to black.
  • Not showing percentage progress for indeterminate Directory size calculation.
  • Preferences window opens with focused navigation tree.
  • When Cancel is pressed on Progress window before moving transfer to background finishes, transfer is canceled.
  • Disabling Proceed to Background once Cancel is pressed on Progress window.
  • Added icon for queue Speed command.
  • Desktop icons created by an installer show application description.
  • Not showing details about retrieving timezone information on Authentication progress window.
  • Using delete icon on site/site folder/workspace delete confirmation prompts.
  • Showing error message when neon library initialization fails.
  • Prompt for username even with GSSAPI authentication enabled. 1349
  • Providing error details when deleting a local file fails.
  • Using printenv instead of echo to obtain a value of the LANG environment variable. 1354
  • Logging clear Authorization header when password logging is enabled.
  • Explaining that certificate cannot be verified against hostname if IP address is used to connect to the server. 1359
  • Updated to JCL library 2.7.
  • Using Save dialog instead of Open for selecting log file and random seed file paths.
  • Icon on New version message.
  • Bug fix: Speed limit history is not relocalized when language is changed. 490
  • Bug fix: Not showing symlinks to directories as a difference on synchronization checklist as they are not synchronized anyway.
  • Bug fix: When restoring an application from minimization, progress windows did not get activated.
  • Bug fix: Preventing active window title flickering before opening Preferences dialog.
  • Bug fix: Failure when opening WebDAVS session, if SSPI initialization failed (such as when running under Wine).
  • Bug fix: When window is closing, its icon is hidden momentarily.
  • Bug fix: WebDAV redirect loop was not detected on the first redirect.
  • Bug fix: Error when SFTP server responds to upload (write) requests out of order. 1365
  • Bug fix: Duplicated ad-hoc session from workspace is wrongly named.
  • Bug fix: Cannot work with filenames starting or ending with space with FTP protocol. 26
  • Bug fix: Failure or broken synchronized browsing when changing directory while another command was executing already. 1369
  • Bug fix: Showing a command of a custom command in status bar. 1370



  • Translation completed: Spanish.
  • Upgraded private key tools (PuTTYgen and Pageant) to 0.65.
  • Workaround for ProFTPD using cdir type in MLST response when retrieving listing for a current working directory. 1350
  • Workaround for FTP servers that incorrectly use RFC 2228-style response to MLST command. 1360
  • Perform TLS/SSL handshake on transfer connection immediately when connected to Idea FTP server ( 1357
  • Recognize WebDAV folder by trailing slash in its path, if the server does not provide DAV:collection tag. 1362
  • Limiting Session.Output size not to waste memory with large sessions. 1367
  • Bug fix: Failure when spinning a mouse wheel over a Find/Replace dialogs of Internal editor. 1353
  • Bug fix: Failure when dropping files from application that fails to provide CF_HDROP. 1361
  • Bug fix: Failure when Windows session is closing while no session is connected. 1363
  • Bug fix: Cannot download root folder from an FTP server that does not support MLSD or SIZE and MDTM commands. 1364
  • Bug fix: Queue setting on Copy dialog is lost when different transfer setting preset is selected.
  • Bug fix: File timestamps are incorrectly adjusted for autodetected positive timezone difference. 1366



  • Translation completed: Catalan.
  • TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1p.
  • Supporting the RFC 4419 revision to Diffie-Hellman group exchange. 1345 rfc4419
  • Workaround for Cerberus SFTP server incorrectly indicating end of directory listing. 1338
  • SHA-256 hash of binaries provided in release notes.
  • Aligning Save button with Edit button on Login dialog.
  • Bug fix: Failure or timeout when Execute button on Console window was clicked while another command was executing already. 1339
  • Bug fix: Switches do not work with aliases to scripting commands. 1340
  • Bug fix: Failure when trying to manipulate files in nonexisting directory in “batch continue” scripting mode. 1314
  • Bug fix: It was not possible to configure Timezone offset for SCP protocol. 1343
  • Bug fix: When timezone difference is autodetected with legacy FTP server, timestamp precision is not taken into account when comparing timestamps (e.g. for synchronization). 1342



  • Translations completed: French and Ukrainian.
  • TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1o.
  • Not using directory include masks recursively when finding files. 1329
  • Recognizing UTF-8 encoded localized German month names in FTP LIST command results. 1328
  • Bug fix: Relative path of find results is shown incorrectly when finding from root folder. 1330
  • Bug fix: Failure when switching sessions with session log window opened. 1333
  • Bug fix: Session and log file information on Log window is not updated when switching session.
  • Bug fix: Reference to parent WebDAV directory shows incorrectly when a name of the current folder includes special characters. 1335
  • Bug fix: History of some inputs is not saved. 1336
  • Bug fix: Incorrect behavior when retrying connection after listing of initial remote directory fails.
  • Bug fix: When panel drive/path comboxes box do not cover whole toolbar height, the change Drive/Directory command do not work.



  • Using FTP command SIZE in binary mode. 1292
  • Optionally determining local file icon by extension only. 1325
  • Ensuring that sessions to be opened in a new window do not get actually opened back in the existing window.
  • Bug fix: SFTP transfers fail occasionally. 1321
  • Bug fix: Controls occasionally do not align correctly after restoring maximized window from minimization. 1309
  • Bug fix: Embedded session is not opened. 1311
  • Bug fix: SCP session breaks when an output includes a null character. 1313
  • Bug fix: Error retrieving file attributes with FTP protocol when the path is given with trailing slash. 1314
  • Bug fix: Sort arrow was shown on unsortable Find dialog.
  • Bug fix: File mask with size constraint over 4 GB does not work. 1318
  • Bug fix: When dragging files from local panel to local tree, status bar is not updated. 1319
  • Bug fix: Local directory tree does not show newly created folder. 1320
  • Bug fix: Local directory tree stops reflecting changes after creating new folder.
  • Bug fix: Failure when HTTPS WebDAV URL redirects to HTTP. 1323
  • Bug fix: Certificate validation fails, when HTTP WebDAV URL redirects to HTTPS.
  • Bug fix: Some redirected WebDAVS connection error messages show original host name instead of the actual host name.
  • Bug fix: WebDAVS certificate failure override for redirected session is stored for original host name.
  • Bug fix: During file transfers on FTP servers that do not support MLSD command, file details are not provided on overwrite confirmation prompt and transfer progress is not shown correctly. 1324
  • Bug fix: Edit commands on all Internal editors reflect state of the currently focused editor, instead of their editor.



  • Reporting relative addresses in stack trace.
  • Bug fix: SFTP/SCP transfers occasionally time out. 1306
  • Bug fix: Fail gracefully when internal command generated by WinSCP .NET assembly is too long. 1297
  • Bug fix: Failure when “downloading and deleting” an empty remote directory with .NET assembly. 1299
  • Bug fix: When overwriting configuration export, new configuration is appended, instead of replacing the previous export. 1300
  • Bug fix: When listing WebDAV directory using relative path, the listing includes a reference to the directory itself. 1301
  • Bug fix: Failure when pressing help icon while no control has focus. 1304
  • Bug fix: Failure when closing log window during activity.
  • Bug fix: Incorrect encoding of SSH_FXP_REALPATH. 1308



  • Translations added: Croatian, Finnish, Korean and Polish.
  • Upgraded private key tools (PuTTYgen and Pageant) to 0.64.
  • TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1m.
  • Not requiring confirmation when canceling an operation.
  • Import of Base64-encoded passwords from FileZilla.
  • Progress window uses Skip button instead of Cancel when calculating transfer size. 1296
  • Workaround for ProFTPD/mod_sftp bug in SSH_FXP_REALPATH handling with SFTP version 6. 1289
  • Not asking for master password repeatedly when opening Generate URL dialog. Not asking at all unless user chooses to include password into URL.
  • More space for information about translators.
  • Bug fix: Back-propagated SSH security fixes from PuTTY 0.64.1) private-key-not-wiped-2 diffie-hellman-range-check
  • Bug fix: Failure when working with stored sites when a temporary hidden site for interprocess communication is not properly removed.
  • Bug fix: Overwrite confirmation prompt displays name of source file instead of target file, when file name changes, with SFTP, SCP and WebDAV protocols. 1290
  • Bug fix: Transfer was not resumed after moving the transfer to the background when source and target file name differs with FTP protocol.
  • Bug fix: Failure when trying to open another externally initiated session while externally initiated session is opening.
  • Bug fix: It is not possible to configure certificate accepting with WebDAV protocol in .NET assembly. 1284
  • Bug fix: User and group name is not decoded properly from UTF-8 encoding with SFTP version 3 and older. 1288
  • Bug fix: When calculating size of files to transfer is canceled, not using the incomplete results to estimate transfer progress.
  • Bug fix: When local custom command is applied to a remote folder, it is unconditionally uploaded back after the command finishes. 1294
  • Bug fix: Calculation of transfer size could not be moved to background.

Users upgrading from WinSCP 5.5.6 can read more about WinSCP 5.7 - What's New?



  • Translations added: Czech, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Swedish and Turkish.
  • Requesting FTP directory listing fields using OPTS MLST, if the server does not provide all needed fields by default. 1267
  • Support for MD5 FTP command.
  • Executable winscp.exe is included in .NET assembly package.
  • Logging level and password logging can be set on command-line using /loglevel switch.
  • Logging parsed command-line and script command parameters on Debug 1 level.
  • Size of connection receiving buffer increased. 1273
  • TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1l.
  • Reducing amount of detailed information shown on Authentication Progress window for FTP sessions.
  • Adjusting message box size for icons scaled on Windows 8.1 and newer.
  • Not using drag images. 1274
  • Logging processes and performance counters in .NET assembly debug log, only when Session.DebugLogLevel is 1.
  • Not logging value of -passphrase switch of open command. 1277
  • Bug fix: After several unsuccessful reconnects a resumed FTP file download starts from an initial remote folder, instead of correct source folder. 1268
  • Bug fix: When sorting local files modified at the same time by modification time, sort direction is not considered when falling back to sorting by filename. 1269
  • Bug fix: Command could be invoked in the middle of creating directory or navigating. 1272
  • Bug fix: It was possible to drop on a file with drop handler in local panel with enabled drag&drop shell extension, although it cannot work with drop handlers.
  • Bug fix: Failure when dropping on a file with drop handler in local panel with disabled drag&drop shell extension.
  • Bug fix: Failure when running in a restricted environment. 1276
  • Bug fix: Confirmation button on Read to Install and Finished installing installer screens was incorrectly labeled Next.
  • Bug fix: Order of sessions in workspace with more than 10 sessions is not preserved. 1278

5.6.5 RC


  • Local custom commands can optionally be executed with remote file paths. 510
  • TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1k. Fixing several security defects.
  • Change: Session.CalculateFileChecksum method returns a byte array instead of a string to match .NET framework cryptography functions.
  • Never doing transfer via temporary file when overwriting a file known to be owned by another user. 1260
  • Never automatically refresh a file panel while menu is opened or file is being dragged. 1262
  • Loading files ownership before showing Properties when connected to Bitvise SFTP server.
  • Meaningful error message when a cipher or a key-exchange algorithm is not verified.
  • Using term “Sleep” instead of “Suspend” as used by Windows Vista and newer.
  • Bug fix: Location profile folders are duplicated. 1259
  • Bug fix: Command could be invoked while keeping session up to date. 1263
  • Bug fix: Wrong syntax of SHA-1 cipher name in checksum command help.
  • Bug fix: Default configuration was recreated after user chose to cleanup configuration during uninstallation.
  • Bug fix: Failure in scripting one some rare prompts. 1264
  • Bug fix: Failure when file panel autorefresh is triggered while directory is being read. 1265
  • Bug fix: Could not connect to FTP server over a proxy with Force IP address for passive mode connections set to On. 1266

5.6.4 RC


  • Automatic reconnect during listing of remote directory. 25
  • Remembering the last working directories in a workspace. 1165
  • Improvements to calculating remote file checksum:
    • Checksum support for FTP using HASH/XSHA1/XSHA256/XSHA512/XMD5/XCRC commands. 1242
    • File checksum can be calculated in scripting (checksum command and XML log entry) and .NET assembly (Session.CalculateFileChecksum method). 1246
    • Using IANA checksum algorithm names.
    • Calculate checksum button on Properties dialog becomes the default button when Algorithm box has focus.
  • Supporting AVBL and XQUOTA commands to retrieve information about space available of FTP server.
  • Home path can be resolved in .NET assembly using Session.HomePath. 1248
  • Site tree on Login dialog responds to mouse wheel even when not focused. 846
  • Custom command pattern !S that expands to session URL.
  • SessionOptions.ParseUrl method in .NET assembly.
  • Cancel all command for Background transfer queue list. 602
  • Supporting IIS WebDAV Translate header to allow downloading source files and files with unknown MIME type. 1255
  • Supporting FTP HOST command (RFC 7151). 1166
  • Keep remote directory up to date dialog can be minimized to tray, even when minimizing to taskbar is used for the application.
  • Prolonging countdown instead of suspending it when moving mouse over message box with “timeout” button. 1107
  • File ownership is available in .NET assembly and XML log. 1245
  • Improved automatic sizing of columns in various lists.
  • Items with unknown value on Space available tab of Server and protocol information dialog are shown dimmed.
  • Change: Considering directories to have zero size, when matching file masks or sorting by size, even when the server reports size for the directory, to achieve consistent behavior.
  • Further compatibility improvements with FTP servers:
    • Workaround for malformed FEAT response of older versions of IIS FTP Server and WS_FTP server.
    • Bug fix: Cannot upload file to directory when FTP server returns 4xx/5xx response to directory listing request after allowing (typically empty) listing transfer (old versions of IIS FTP server). 1249
  • Replaced FtpSecure.ExplicitTls .NET assembly option with FtpSecure.Explicit and deprecated FtpSecure.ExplicitSsl.
  • Using Yes/No, instead of OK/Cancel on sites import confirmation during installation not to make an impression that rejecting the import cancels the installation.
  • Logging when a symlink to a directory is skipped while downloading.
  • Using standard formatting of IPv6 literals in session URL (instead of URL-encoding them).
  • Displaying hint when F5 keyboard shortcut is used for the first time on Commander interface. 1254
  • Bug fix: Parameters /help and /batchsettings were not working with
  • Bug fix: Command could be invoked using keyboard shortcut in the middle of reloading directory. 1256
  • Bug fix: Reason not given when FTP upload fails because local file attributes cannot be retrieved. 1250
  • Bug fix: FTP upload fails when volume information for local drive cannot be retrieved. 1251
  • Bug fix: Size of directories was reported as -1 for some FTP servers.
  • Bug fix: Invalid stored FTP password was tried indefinitely in a loop. 1252
  • Bug fix: Ad-hoc session duplicated to a new window had no name.
  • Bug fix: Failure when dropping files to an external application via a temporary directory with an automatic refresh of a remote directory enabled. 1253
  • Bug fix: Pasting permissions when Octal box has focus does not update the box itself. 1257
  • Bug fix: Mouse cursor is hidden when hovering over progress window during download via temporary directory. 1258

5.6.3 beta


  • Improved GUI responsiveness (with SFTP, SCP and FTP protocols). 1237
  • Sites can be mass-modified using /batchsettings command-line parameter. 1236
  • Use default transfer mode for edited files, except when using Notepad. 1239
  • Added method Session.AddRawConfiguration to configure any global configuration option. 876
  • Optionally logging even sensitive information (such as passwords).
  • Consistently logging transferred bytes for every transferred file.
  • Improving protection from undesired modifications of local files when handling URLs from browser while relieving restriction on combining URLs on command line with some switches, such as /log, /xmllog and /defaults.
  • The failonnomatch option applies also to ls and lls command. 1172
  • Replaced -explicittls command-line parameter and switch of open command with -explicit and deprecated -explicitssl.
  • Change: lls by default only displays a notification that no matching file is found, instead of failing.
  • Differentiating unknown private key format and non-existing/non-readable private key file errors.
  • Bug fix: Session cannot be opened when Session.AddRawSettings is used. 1234
  • Bug fix: Failure when connecting to WebDAV server not supporting persistent connections. 1235
  • Bug fix: Keepalives were turned off when overriding site settings with raw settings.
  • Bug fix: Parameter /rawconfig was not documented in usage.
  • Bug fix: The Use default system editor button is misplaced on (ad-hoc) Editor dialog.
  • Bug fix: Synchronization checklist window could be resized too small not to fit Custom button.
  • Bug fix: The last file upload before creating a remote directory is not reported with .NET assembly. 1238
  • Bug fix: Progress bar not appearing on task bar when main window is not visible. 1240
  • Bug fix: Overwrite confirmation was required when changing case of site name.
  • Bug fix: Failure when copying multiple files checksum results to clipboard. 1243
  • Bug fix: Large sizes are displayed incorrectly. 1244

[Older versions]

1) PuTTY 0.65 and 0.66 fixes are not relevant for WinSCP.
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