WinSCP .NET Assembly Examples

Illustrative Examples

Example Description Languages
Overall example Create a session, upload a file and check/print results. C#, VB.NET, PowerShell, JScript, VBScript, VBA, Perl, SSIS
Session.GetFiles example Download file. C#, VB.NET, PowerShell, JScript, VBScript
Session.ListDirectory method example Retrieve and print contents of remote directory. C#, VB.NET, PowerShell, JScript, VBScript
Session.SynchronizeDirectories method and Session.FileTransferred event example Synchronize local and remote directories, handle Session.FileTransferred event to display synchronization progress. C#, VB.NET, PowerShell, JScript
Session.ExecuteCommand method example Execute a command on a remote side, download results. C#, VB.NET, PowerShell
Session.FileTransferProgress event example Display progress of file transfer. C#, VB.NET, PowerShell

Real-Life Examples

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