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Preparing to Install Page (WinSCP Installer)

The WinSCP Installer of previous versions of WinSCP stops on the Preparing to Install page, when it needs to upgrade WinSCP drag&drop shell extension and some application have this DLL locked (loaded).

Typically the application is Windows Explorer.

The installer can automatically close the application to release the extension, upgrade the extension, and restart the application.

It’s recommended that you keep the default Automatically close the applications to allow installer to upgrade the extension.

When restarting the Windows Explorer, the Windows taskbar, the Start menu and desktop icons will momentarily disappear. You will loose any opened Windows Explorer browsers or ongoing file transfers.

If you select the Do not close the applications, the installer will not be able to upgrade the extension and will ask you to restart your machine at the end of the installation.

Use the Next button to confirm your selection and install the application.

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