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If the installer is allowed access to the internet, it seems to display an extra dialogue box during installation for a software program called "Spyware Sweeper".

I decided i didn't want to install this software, so i checked 'No' and tried to click "Next", the installer then opened my Profile Directory (C:\Documents And Settings\User).

I closed the window and tried to click next again, the same thing happened.

It was only after my third 'next' click and the closing of the windows it would let me get to the 'Ready to install' screen.

If the installer is not allowed to connect to the internet, this does not happen.

OS: Windows XP (Home Edition)
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Thanks for your post. I'll investigate this.
Martin Prikryl


Hi crazyhorse,

I'm not familiar with any product called "Spyware Sweeper" so my initial suspicion is that this is due to some software already installed on your system, but let's investigate Smile

When I Google "Spyware Sweeper" I get a lot of results for Webroot's "Spy Sweeper". Is this the program you are seeing:

I also found some other similarly named software:

.. and this website:

Are any of these related to the dialog box you are seeing? I.e. Do you already have any of this software installed? One way to easily find out what the software is is to run Microsoft's Process Explorer utility (free):

When you see the offending dialog box drag the cross-hair icon from the top of the Process Explorer window onto the dialog box and release it, and Process Explorer will highlight which process owns that particular window. You can then examine the file metadata and determine where it is installed on your system. That information is what we need to look into this further.

Can you also tell me:

* Which language was chosen for the WinSCP install?

* Which language version is the installed version of Windows?

* If you have a rule-based sandbox product installed (i.e. one that restricts file or network access) have you accidentally created any rules for the WinSCP installer that restrict its execution in any way?

* Can you upload a screenshot of any third-party offer screens you see and the "Spyware Sweeper" dialog window?

* If you saw an offer screen before attempting to click "Next" which option on that screen did you choose?

Thanks for any further information you can give,

- Alastair
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This problem was already resolved by OpenCandy team.

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