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WinSCP 5.7 – What’s New?

A lot of things! WinSCP 5.7 is a major application update bringing WebDAV support and improved user experience!

New features and enhancements, many of them inspired by WinSCP community, include:

  • WebDAV support from both GUI and automation (scripting and .NET assembly)
  • Further improved and simplified user interface with better GUI responsiveness
  • Better display of files sizes in panels, incl. return to JEDEC size units (KB, MB, GB) instead of IEC units (KiB, MiB, GiB)
  • Customizable background color of the WinSCP internal editor
  • Sites now have a note field to store user comments
  • Improved Synchronization checklist window now allows to change synchronization direction for individual files and shows total size of files selected for synchronization
  • Better support for one-click session import from a URL, incl. a new dialog for session URL generation
  • Ongoing foreground transfer can now be moved to background transfer queue
  • Many improvements to scripting, command-line and .NET assembly

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Thank you!

As usual, you can obtain WinSCP 5.7 from the official WinSCP download page.

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