Free SSH Client for Windows

WinSCP is an open source free SSH client for Windows with the focus on secure file transfer. You can get it from WinSCP download page. Latest stable WinSCP version is 6.3.3.


What is SSH Client?

An SSH client is a software which uses the SSH protocol to connect to a remote computer.

In general SSH protocol can be used for two purposes, file transfers and terminal access.

SSH File Transfers

File transfers are primary focus of WinSCP.

WinSCP supports SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) for secure file transfers. In addition to that it also supports legacy SCP (Secure Copy Protocol).

You can use WinSCP to transfer files both manually and automatically.

SSH Terminal Access

While WinSCP does not focus on terminal access, it has basic support for it.

You can execute remote commands via SSH terminal both manually and automatically.

If you need unrestricted terminal access (and still want to use WinSCP for file transfers), you will find integration with PuTTY SSH client useful. This free Telnet and SSH client for Windows can be also downloaded from our PuTTY download page.

WinSCP is Also FTP Client

WinSCP is, in addition to being SFTP client and SCP client, also FTP client. It supports also secure variant of FTP, the FTPS.


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