Recent Version History

This is a list of changes for each release of WinSCP. See also project history.

5.10 (not released yet)


  • Background transfer operations can use multiple connections. 875
  • Provisional implementation of per-monitor DPI awareness. 1521
  • Find dialog is not modal when search finishes and its Focus button does not close the window.
  • Found files can be downloaded and deleted on the Find dialog. 1473
  • Support Microsoft Passport authentication to allow WebDAV access to Microsoft OneDrive. 1465
  • Configurable path to INI file configuration storage.
  • Changes to translations:
    • Translations are installed to Translations subfolder.
    • Unless user customizes language, automatically using the best language match each run.
    • Including all translation (30% at least) in installation, but automatically using only those that are complete (80% at least).
    • Marking the default, incomplete and invalid languages in Preferences dialog.
  • Improvements to custom commands/extensions:
    • Extension output can be displayed in a message box.
    • Local custom console command output can be copied to clipboard.
    • Uploading back files modified by local custom command applied to a folder. 1526
    • The official extensions can be translated.
    • Consistency in handling errors executing local custom command.
    • Holding down Ctrl and Shift keys while running a remote custom command copies the command to clipboard instead of executing it.
  • Improvements and changes to .NET assembly:
    • Using full path in FileTransferProgressEventArgs.FileName. 1531
    • Allow cancelling file transfer. 1532
    • Added Side property to TransferEventArgs. 1470
    • Masking out passwords and passphrases in .NET assembly output log. 1475 1488
    • Change: Deprecating Session.DisableVersionCheck.
    • Bug fix: Internal InvalidOperationException on each call to Session.ListDirectory. 1515
    • Bug fix: Do not invoke Session.Failed when checking for non-existing file with Session.FileExists. 1513
  • Session log file rotation. 18
  • It is possible to skip file actually being transferred. 251
  • Not indefinitely retrying transfer with FTP protocol when opening transfer channel is failing. 1169
  • Handling dav:// URL. 1479
  • SSH password change.
  • Duplication is supported with WebDAV protocol. 1508
  • Improved connection time for fast connections.
  • Open filter dialog when clicking the current filter in the path display. 1478
  • The path display shows temporarily an implicit *.* filter when hovering a mouse over it. 1478
  • Importing proxy configuration from FileZilla.
  • If there is only a single private key configured in FileZilla, import it with session. 1468
  • Added New > File command to the toolbar. 1477
  • Cancelling calculation or errors while calculating size of files to upload does not abort the the actual transfer.
  • Supporting user/group names in MLSD/MLST responses. 1481
  • Allowed downloading file using URL even when listing its source directory is not possible. 1480
  • Sending Content-Type header with WebDAV uploads. 1507
  • When handling WebDAV file URL, use a display name for target local file. 1486
  • Not aborting “Keep remote directory up to date” when Continue on error (or option batch continue) is enabled and reading a local directory fails, because it was deleted. 1506
  • Not verifying that final path after CWD FTP command matches requested path to allow better compatibility with atypical FTP servers . 1518
  • DLL hijacking protection. 1459
  • Poll edited file timestamps instead of using change notifications. 1500
  • Using WinSCP site name for PuTTY window title. 1482
  • Option to open downloaded file on operation completion confirmation when transferring file from command-line/URL. 1524
  • Hidden options for Preference order for GSSAPI libraries and User-supplied GSSAPI library path. 578
  • Ctrl+Backspace in path edit boxes to deletes the word before cursor. 1469
  • Activating panel, when using file selection commands. 1519
  • Displaying tunnel host name on Authentication dialog. 1528
  • The SFTP server and Shell edit boxes on the Advanced Site settings dialog use path-style word-breaking.
  • Not adding -load switch to PuTTY arguments, if it is configured already. 1493
  • Drop down lists on the Open Directory and Location Profile dialogs are up to 16 entries long.
  • Progress window appears on top of Editor window when reloading an edited file.
  • Not popping up Authentication window when reconnecting while the application is minimized. 1476
  • Hidden session settings for “Logical name of remote host”. 1472
  • Prevent slow startup when there are some special folders. 1533
  • More readable usage statistics display.
  • Update dialog can be displayed by clicking update notification even when the Login dialog is opened.
  • Scaling Color button image on Advanced Site Settings dialog.
  • While downloading, when an SFTP SSH_FXP_FSTAT response does not include timestamps, using known timestamps from directory listing for a local file. 1496
  • Improved file transfer logging, including new progress logging.
  • Change: Failing on invalid size constraint.
  • When opening secondary shell session fails, the main session is not closed.
  • Change: When executing script file or script commands provided on command-line, default reconnect time is set to 120 seconds, if not limited yet by configuration.
  • Bug fix: The /refresh command-line switch was not described in /?.
  • Bug fix: Digits-only file mask constraint was interpreted as time constraint instead of size constraint.
  • Bug fix: Sudden disconnect errors during authentication are randomly ignored. 1489
  • Bug fix: Queue status was not shown on task bar button, when WinSCP was minimized by clicking on the task bar button.
  • Bug fix: Pending background transfers were not considered for progress bar on task bar button.
  • Bug fix: Configuring a PuTTY path with unclosed quotes prevents WinSCP from starting. 1499
  • Bug fix: Never implemented -continueonerror switch was present in keepuptodate help
  • Bug fix: Failure while reloading directory tree after a system colors had changed while the tree was not showing. 1509
  • Bug fix: Clean up application data dialog was showing on wrong monitor.
  • Bug fix: Resuming file upload in active FTP mode does not work on some servers. 1520
  • Bug fix: Failure when INI file cannot be opened. 1523
  • Bug fix: Windows logo key is not working in toolbar input boxes. 1527
  • Bug fix: Toolbar icons were broken with Windows high contrast themes. 1529

5.9.6 (not released yet)


  • SSH core and private key tools (PuTTYgen and Pageant) upgraded to PuTTY 0.69. It brings the following change:
    • WinSCP should work with MIT Kerberos again, after DLL hijacking defences broke it.
  • Allow using 64-bit version of PuTTY (and its tools), when available. 1522



  • SSH core and private key tools (PuTTYgen and Pageant) upgraded to PuTTY 0.68. It brings the following change:
  • Translation completed: Traditional Chinese.
  • Translation updated: Icelandic.
  • De-duplicating Duplicate Session and Disconnect accelerators in Session menu. 1512
  • De-duplicating Quit and Queue accelerators in Commands menu. 1516
  • Increased length limit of host name. 1517
  • Bug fix: Failure when reloading non-current directory expanded in remote directory tree. 1514
  • Bug fix: Failure when moving Download and Delete operation to background. 1462
  • But fix: Scripting open command without arguments issued irrelevant warning about use of stored site.



  • Translation completed: Portuguese.
  • Allowed setting debug logging level to 2 in .NET assembly. 1487
  • TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.2k.
  • All id_* files are included in private key files filter.
  • Bug fix: Cannot use unencrypted client certificate file (.pfx/.p12 format). 1490
  • Bug fix: Installer started by unprivileged user shows warning about an incomplete translation again after elevation to administrator privileges. 1492
  • Bug fix: Installation fails when started by a non-privileged user on a system, where elevating to administrator privileges is disabled. 1491
  • Bug fix: Colored session icon does not display on high DPI. 1494
  • Bug fix: WinSCP .NET assembly fails when finding WinSCP executable in its installation folder. 1495
  • Bug fix: Moving Login dialog moves main window disproportionally on some systems. 1497
  • Bug fix: Remembered password is not used for reconnects. 1498
  • Bug fix: Keep local directory up to date extension failed, when local directory was initially empty and Delete files option was enabled. 1503
  • Bug fix: Wrong message when setting TransferOptions.OverwriteMode property to an invalid value. 1504
  • Bug fix: Panel loses focus after a transfer initiated using Enter key or double-click. 1505
  • Bug fix: Failure when using Generate Code command on Upload dialog opened by /upload command-line parameter. 1510
  • Bug fix: Some multibyte ANSI-encoded files are incorrectly loaded into an Internal editor. 1511



  • Translation completed: Croatian.
  • Support for non-ASCII passphrases to client certificate files (.pfx/.p12 format). 1461
  • TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.2j.
  • Improvements to custom commands/extensions:
    • New official extensions “Generate HTTP URL” 417 and “Batch Rename”.
    • The official extensions are compatible with PowerShell 2.0.
    • The official extension “Find Duplicates” re-implemented using the Session.EnumerateRemoteFiles and the RemoteFileInfo.FullName.
    • Site-specific extension options.
    • Increased length limit for custom command and console. 1466
    • Allowing tabs in addition to spaces in extension file. 1467
    • Specific error messages about extensions are presented without irrelevant HTTP status code.
    • Bug fix: Tab order on extension options dialog was broken, if the extension mixed options in and out of group box.
  • Progress windows can be controlled using keyboard again. 1471
  • Scaling combo box drop down menu.
  • Change: Not updating last access time of uploaded files with SFTP protocol to avoid problems with servers that do not support it. 1485
  • Bug fix: Found folders were focusing incorrectly.
  • Bug fix: Command-line toolbar command can be executed while another command was executing already.
  • Bug fix: Wrong layout of Login dialog on monitors with low vertical resolution. 1463
  • Bug fix: Session instance could not be reused for multiple ScanFingerprint calls. 1464
  • Bug fix: Custom commands submenu with the other custom command type was not disabled when there was no such custom command.
  • Bug fix: It was possible to load again the first extension in an extension folder.
  • Bug fix: Failure when logging fails for background session or during log in. 1483
  • Bug fix: Failure when pressing Calculate button on Properties dialog, while another calculation is already in progress. 1484



  • Translations completed: Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, Kabyle and Ukrainian.
  • Moving main window with Login dialog. 1455
  • Expanding patterns in default value of extension options. 1456
  • Paste command in panels context menu. 422
  • When upgrading the drag&drop shell extension, silently postpone replacement until the next system restart, unless the new extension is incompatible. 1458
  • XML parser upgraded to Expat 2.2.0.
  • Not showing password in full open command syntax suggestion. 1452
  • Using !P pattern in PuTTY command implies that password should be remembered.
  • Not importing the Disable Nagle’s algorithm (TCP_NODELAY option) from PuTTY as it has a different default due to its interactive nature.
  • More detailed error message when fatal error (such as inability to write an XML log file) occurs while .NET assembly is starting winscp.exe.
  • Skip loading icons from .exe (and similar) files when it takes too long. 1460
  • Bug fix: Long (or multiline) authentication prompts are truncated. 1449
  • Bug fix: Failure during WebDAV SSPI authentication. 1450
  • Bug fix: Directory listing lacks attributes on MVS systems. 1451
  • Bug fix: It was possible to set site name empty.
  • Bug fix: Error opening data connection over proxy server when the server supports EPSV command. 1310
  • Bug fix: Ad-hoc and Last custom commands were always executed for selected files, even when executed from a context menu of a focused file.
  • Bug fix: Custom command patterns were replaced in values of extension options.
  • Bug fix: Downloads by drag&drop were randomly defaulted to background queue. 1457



  • Translations completed: Catalan, Polish and Swedish.
  • Several files can be opened in editor at once using their paths. 1437
  • Change: Session.EnumerateRemoteFiles does not throw when reading subdirectory fails.
  • Implemented Beep when work finishes also for Keep remote directory up to date. 1440
  • Tunnel inherits SSH options from the main session. 1441
  • Custom command and PuTTY patterns are case-insensitive.
  • Custom sound for Beep when work finishes. 1444
  • Make WinSCP default handler command opens Set Program Associations for WinSCP even on Windows 10.
  • Informing, when the script file is not in supported encoding.
  • Handling directory listing entries with question marks. 1448
  • Bug fix: Failure when user’s Documents folder cannot be loaded on start. 1435
  • Bug fix: GSSAPI authentication is not working in tunneled session. 1434
  • Bug fix: Some scripting commands or command-line switches were not recognized on some locales (like Welsh) when used or defined with a mixed case (like /XmlLog vs. /xmllog). 1436
  • Bug fix: When a passive file panel is focused after reload, the panel is scrolled to show the previously focused file, what can cause unintended behavior. 1438
  • Bug fix: When the current console font (e.g. raster) does not support Unicode, some console output might be lost. 1439
  • Bug fix: Command-line toolbar was not disabled for WebDAV sessions.
  • Bug fix: The -pw argument is added to PuTTY command-line, even when !P pattern is used. 1443
  • Bug fix: Certificate validation fails on Windows Vista and older. 1442
  • Bug fix: Ordering of columns that are invisible by default is not preserved. 1446
  • Bug fix: UTF-16 script files cannot be loaded. 1447



  • SSH private key tools (PuTTYgen and Pageant) upgraded to the latest development snapshot of PuTTY (2016-07-19, commit 9398d23).
  • Bug fix: Failure due to a disconnected session being left behind after opening a secondary shell session fails. 1433
  • Bug fix: An URL in extension “option” with format - link caption is ignored.

Users upgrading from WinSCP 5.7.7 can read more about WinSCP 5.9 - What's New?

5.8.4 RC


  • Improvements to custom commands/extensions:
    • Run time options for extensions.
    • Extension can require specific PowerShell and Windows version.
    • Extension option controls can be grouped using @option - group.
    • Command-line switch /refresh to allow extensions to refresh remote panel.
    • Extension option aliases sessionlogfile and pausecheckbox.
    • It’s possible to use an empty parameter in extension options metadata.
    • Not displaying ellipsis in the Custom command options dialog title.
    • Using path word-breaking for file extension options.
  • The %TIMESTAMP% syntax allows formatting time strings for a time relative to present time.
  • Autodetect FTP server timezone difference before file transfer, if it was not detected yet. 1431
  • SSH core and private key tools (PuTTYgen and Pageant) upgraded to the latest development snapshot of PuTTY (2016-06-03, commit 7b9ad09)
  • Removing old putty.hlp when upgrading.
  • When opening a session in an existing instance of WinSCP, any idle instance can be used, not only the latest one.
  • PuTTY is started with its executable directory as working directory to allow relative private key paths in PuTTY’s stored sessions. 1430
  • When opening WinSCP session in PuTTY, expanding the relative paths.
  • Providing more details when verification of the TLS certificate against Windows certificate store fails.
  • Checkbox to remember the new directory settings is disabled when the protocol does not allow any.
  • Bug fix: The dialog box to enter new local directory name included useless permissions box.
  • Bug fix: Failure when SCP server fatally fails while uploading file. 1428
  • Bug fix: Failure when closing application after giving up trying to reconnect a broken connection.

5.8.3 RC


  • Translation added: Icelandic.
  • Improvements to .NET assembly:
    • Added Session.TranslateLocalPathToRemote to .NET assembly to generate a remote path equivalent of a local path, given root paths.
    • Change: A complete remote error message is stored into a single instance of SessionRemoteException, instead of separating error details into an inner exception.
    • Preventing .NET assembly from timing out during lengthy file transfers.
    • Preventing and .NET assembly timing out waiting for winscp.exe when the system is temporarily busy.
    • Bug fix: Session instance could not be used anymore after calling ScanFingerprint.
    • Bug fix: Failure when Session.MoveFile source file is not existing and its name has file mask-like syntax. 1412
    • Bug fix: WinSCP .NET assembly cannot find WinSCP executable in its installation folder nor the default installation folder when used in 64-bit process. 1421
  • SSH core and private key tools (PuTTYgen and Pageant) upgraded to the latest development snapshot of PuTTY (2016-04-17, commit b22c0b6). It brings following changes:
    • Promoting ChaCha20 cipher above Blowfish (below AES).
    • Change: Fallback between SSH versions is not supported anymore.
    • Change: By default, warning is issued when using Diffie-Hellman group 1 key exchange algorithm.
  • Improvements to custom commands:
    • Extensions are configurable.
    • Local path pattern (!\) for custom commands.
    • All custom command prompts are entered on one dialog box.
    • Separating custom commands that do not operate with files to a separate submenu of Commands menu.
    • Holding down Ctrl and Shift keys while running a local custom command copies the command to clipboard instead of executing it.
    • Displaying full command name in custom command preferences list. The keyboard shortcut now displays in a hint only.
  • Installer upgraded to Inno Setup 5.5.9.
    • Further installer protection against potential DLL preloading attacks.
  • TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.2h.
  • Dynamically increase TCP send buffer on fast connections.
  • Removed log window.
  • With synchronized browsing on, the Home Directory command opens home directory in both panels. 1427
  • The Follow symbolic links to directories session option is disabled with WebDAV protocol as it has no effect.
  • When detecting time zone difference of FTP server, ignoring files with timestamp in the future, as they have high probability of being wrongly interpreted.
  • Preventing mouse cursor flashing while deleting remote files or changing their properties over SFTP protocol.
  • Change: Consider port number for site-specific caches and bookmarks. 1411
  • Indenting Allow GSSAPI credential delegation checkbox to make it clear it is an suboption of Attempt GSSAPI authentication
  • Disabling Username and Password boxes on a Login dialog when Bypass authentication entirely is enabled.
  • Considering items out of the current view when sizing dialogs list columns.
  • Ignoring blank lines in ls command output. 1416
  • Installing PuTTY help file in modern .chm format.
  • Showing details about TLS handshake errors.
  • Use seconds in *nix-like LIST FTP listing, if the server provides them. 1422
  • The lls command shows timestamps in respect to DST the same way as local file panel (and Windows Explorer).
  • Bug fix: Downloads by drag&drop were randomly defaulted to background queue.
  • Bug fix: Using precise timestamp of the uploaded file version was not working when a relative path was used in automation.
  • Bug fix: Authentication parameters options were not disabled when Bypass authentication entirely is enabled.
  • Bug fix: In rare cases a Download and Delete operation might have been incorrectly used instead of Download when dropping files to Windows Explorer with drag&drop shell extension enabled. 1414
  • Bug fix: Failure when system-wide settings change while panel is being reloaded. 1415
  • Bug fix: Support for FTP servers with Windows-like paths (fixed again after broken in 5.8.2). 1074
  • Bug fix: When user profile is stored on UNC path and the first drive is hidden, local panel starts empty. 1417
  • Bug fix: Failure when disconnecting the last drive while the previous drive is not ready. 1418
  • Bug fix: Command syntax suggestion, when using saved site in batch script, included RTF code.
  • Bug fix: The stat command on FTP server may return wrong times, if the ls command was used before.
  • Bug fix: Transferring newer files only did not work with FTP protocol.
  • Bug fix: Autodetected time zone difference for servers not supporting MLST command was not taken into account for time on overwrite confirmation dialog. 1424
  • Bug fix: When dropping files on another session tab, the Duplicate via local temporary copy option could be unchecked (and was initially unchecked), leading to the file being duplicated incorrectly within the current session.
  • Bug fix: Failure when dragging a symbolic link to a directory between sessions. 1425
  • Bug fix: When parsing timestamps in MDTM command response, second and minutes after zero hour (or minute) were ignored.
  • Bug fix: Detect symbolic link loops when finding files (improved to cover more complex symbolic link structures). 1093

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