WinSCP News


WinSCP 5.14.2 beta released


The most important changes/additions are:

  • Compare Files extensions.
  • Dark theme.
  • Coloring files in file panels based on a file mask.
  • Improved incremental search in file panels.
  • Synchronization preview in .NET assembly.

WinSCP 5.13.5 released


In this release, WinSCP was updated to OpenSSL 1.0.2q and Expat 2.2.6. This version also updates couple of translations and fixes several bugs.


WinSCP 5.14.1 beta released


The most important changes/additions are:

  • Support OpenSSH AES-256-CTR-encrypted keys.
  • It is possible to connect to Amazon S3 using non-default endpoints.
  • Few other small improvements and bug fixes.

WinSCP 5.14 beta released


The most important changes/additions are:

  • Files can be optionally encrypted when storing them on SFTP server.
  • Local UNC paths can be browsed.
  • Files can be copied to the clipboard.
  • Improvements to directory synchronization.