WinSCP News


WinSCP 5.17 released


WinSCP 5.17 is a major application update. New features and enhancements include:

  • Improvements to sessions and workspace management, so that WinSCP can now easily restore tabs that were open when it was last closed.
  • Hardware-accelerated AES.
  • Extension Archive and Download to archive remote files and download the archive.
  • Improvements to Synchronization checklist window.
  • Allowed sorting of find results.
  • SSH core upgraded to PuTTY 0.73.
  • The binaries are signed with new EV certificate valid until February 2023.

WinSCP 5.16.7 RC released


The new release is signed with new EV certificate valid until February 2023.

It also contains some small improvements and bug fixes.

WinSCP 5.16.6 RC released


This release adds small improvement to creating desktop shortcuts.

WinSCP 5.16.5 RC released


The most important changes/additions are:

  • Several additions to .NET assembly, including ComparisonDifference.Resolve and Session.RemoveFile.
  • Spanish and Korean translation.


WinSCP 5.15.9 released


In this release WinSCP was temporarily reverted to old DigiCert code signing certificate that does not trigger “Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting” warning.

WinSCP 5.16.4 RC released


The most important changes/additions are:

  • 19 translations: Catalan, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Ukrainian.
  • Loads faster on new installations on systems with user profiles on a network drive.
  • Improvements to cleaning up application data.

The binaries are signed with a new certificate, which currently does not have enough reputation, so it triggers a warning by Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. To allow an installation, click More Info > Run anyway. You can verify an integrity of the installer before running it. By running the installer, you are helping us to build a reputation of our new certificate.