In addition to the default English user interface, WinSCP can be switched to other languages.


Obtaining and Installing the Translation

The installation package contains all the translations are at least partially complete.1 Other translations may be downloaded separately from the translation page. On that page there may be complete translations that were finished after the release. You can download incomplete translations as well. Non-translated parts of the interface will be in English.

The translation is contained in a separate file. It does not need to be installed in any way, it suffices to extract the file from the ZIP archive to the same directory where the WinSCP executable is (i.e. installation directory) or to Translations subfolder. Except for the extension, the file must have the same name as the executable.

The installer installs the executable into the file WinSCP.exe. It corresponds to name of the downloadable translation files. For example, the Czech translation has the name WinSCP.cs. If your executable has a different name, you need to rename the translation file to the same name.

Note that the translation file for a particular version of WinSCP cannot be used for any other version, be it older or newer.

Switching Language

WinSCP by default installs with the same language as your Windows installation, if available. If your preferred language is different, you can change the language on Languages page of Preferences dialog.

However, note that the language used during installation will affect the language of the icons which the installer creates (“Send to” link, etc). The icons are fixed and will not change when you switch your language later.

Translating WinSCP

If you would like to join the WinSCP translation team, either to help with existing translations or to add another language, please read about Translation Administration.


  1. Partially complete means 30% or more.Back

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