WinSCP 5.9 - What's New?

A lot of things! WinSCP 5.9 is a major application update focused on improving user experience!

New features and enhancements, many of them inspired by WinSCP community, include:

  • Significantly improved WinSCP look and feel in large font / high DPI environments; toolbar, menu, icons and dialog images now support 125%, 150% and 200% zooms
  • Improved transfer speed with SFTP and SCP protocols when CPU is limiting factor; and with SFTP on high latency connections
  • Automatic WinSCP updates (only for donors)
  • Support for authentication with TLS/SSL client certificates
  • Configurable internal editor font color and default background color, added Save All function in internal editor
  • Dual code signing binaries with both SHA-1 and SHA-256
  • Custom commands can be distributed in a form of configurable WinSCP extension; distributing Verify Checksum, Search Text and ZIP and Upload .NET assembly examples as official WinSCP extensions
  • Many improvements to scripting, command-line and .NET assembly, e.g.,
  • Incremental site search can be restricted to the beginning of site name only or expanded to other site fields
  • Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+L and Alt+D to focus Address toolbar (Explorer interface) or open bookmarks (Commander interface)
  • Including all at least 80% translations into WinSCP installer and informing user when incomplete language is selected when installing

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Thank you!

As usual, you can obtain WinSCP 5.9 from the official WinSCP download page.

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