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Hi there, that's fine I will start off with the Northern Dialect first and then make my way through to the Central dialect. I am already in the process of translating WinRAR.

Don't worry, I am committed to my work and will try my best to translate as many phrases as possible.


Re: Kurdish (Central) & Kurdish (Northern)

Thanks for your offer.
I'm not familiar with Kurdish dialects.
So what dialect do you want to translate WinSCP to? Or which one do you want to start with?

Also, before creating a translator account for you, I would like to make sure you understand an extent of a task you are committing to.
I do this because unfortunately most of translators never get back to me, after receiving texts to translate.

There are about 2500 phrases in WinSCP, totaling more than 12 thousands words. Of course, you do not need to translate them all. But a translation of a considerable portion of texts is desirable to maintain some degree of consistency.

Is this a task you have a capacity for?

Kurdish (Central) & Kurdish (Northern)

Hi there everyone,

I am looking forward to translating your program for the Kurdish language.

I am sorry if this is the wrong way to create the subject, as this language does have two different dialects and I'm not sure whether I should've written "Kurdish" only or what I have written above. Please correct me if I am wrong.

As you guys may or may not know there is a lack of programs which have an option for the Kurdish language (whether Central or Northern) in general, and that's why I have decided that I'd like to contribute for the translation of WinSCP into the Kurdish language in order for it to be more accessible to Kurdish users and to further expand the languages available to be selected for this program.

I look forward to contributing to this great program!