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Re: Translate the application into Arabic

@ralslami: Thanks for coming back to us. I've reactivated your account. You can download complete translation file from there. If you prefer partial translation files for new versions since the last complete translation with my comments, let me know.

Translate the application into Arabic

Hello Mr. martin
I hope you have a good day.
I have returned to complete the translation of the application into Arabic. Please activate my account and send the language file in order to complete the translation in full.
Thank you very much.
Ramzi Alsalami

Arabic language by: ralslami

Leaks Arabic version of the program
Stay tuned for the release version in Arabic
Arabic by: ramzi alsalami :lol:

Arabic language

Hello my friend @mabuward
I had the honor of your help me
Please communicate through e-mail to send files localization :)

arabic translation

I am ready to translate into Arabic and I am sure that my translation will get 100%.
How to translate and how to upload my translation?

Arabic language by: ramzi

Hello Let me introduce you to myself
I Ramzi Alsalami
I will soon translate the application into Arabic
I will be ready for any Enquiry translation into Arabic :) :)


Arabic translation topic .

Feel free to use Arabic in the discussion, but do not expect me to answer :-)