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As much as I underestand, the problem with translations is that it is end-to-end work. Perhaps this should change to contributable, decentralized framework, where each person can contribute at parts of the translation before it gets completed.
A good example is the WordPress translation framework for its plugins and themes.
I' d like to contribute, as I have already done for many WP plugins, but I never completed a translation from 0 to 100% because there are some aspects that other people are more suitable in editing that parts than me.

crc1978 wrote:

Is the translation still going on ? If it is, how can i help?

No one is working on Greek translation of WinSCP. I've sent you an email.

Is the translation still going on ? If it is, how can i help?

Re: Greek translation

Hi guys,
I have been using WinSCP for years, it's a great program so I decided to contribute my way - by dealing with the Greek translations.
Glad to join the team - thanks to Martin !

Greek translation

Hello, I would like to support the Greek translation

Re: Greek

Thanks. Will respond shortly.


I would like translate WinSCP in Greek Language.

Send a e-mail but become not a reply.