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Re: Invalid access to memory

Thanks for your report.
I have sent you an email with a debug version of WinSCP to address you have used to register on this forum.

Invalid access to memory

<Try to describe precise steps that lead to the problem (where do you click, what keys do you press, what do you see, etc.)>
<If relevant, consider attaching a session log file or a screenshot)>

I've edited *.cfg file on a server and saved it. Trying to reopen the file result with error.

WinSCP 5.7

Error message:
Invalid access to memory.

Stack trace:
[00BD005A] __DynamicCastVCLptr
[77DD023E] ntdll.dll.ZwWow64CallFunction64
[77DD09BA] ntdll.dll.KiUserExceptionDispatcher
[00401A42] TCustomScpExplorerForm::ExecuteFile
[00406FBD] TCustomScpExplorerForm::DoDirViewExecFile
[00406E92] TCustomScpExplorerForm::DirViewExecFile
[007C9FB0] Customdirview::TCustomDirView::Execute
[0060C755] Vcl::Controls::TWinControl::WndProc
[00650683] Vcl::Comctrls::TCustomListView::WndProc
[00730678] System::Classes::_18201
[77B68E6F] USER32.DLL.CallNextHookEx
[77B690CC] USER32.DLL
[77B6DDD0] USER32.DLL.CallWindowProcW
[7286D83F] COMCTL32.DLL.DefSubclassProc
[7286D821] COMCTL32.DLL.DefSubclassProc
[7285C42B] COMCTL32.DLL
[7286D5F0] COMCTL32.DLL
[77B68E6F] USER32.DLL.CallNextHookEx
[77B690CC] USER32.DLL
[77B6DDD0] USER32.DLL.CallWindowProcW
[007EF24F] Dragdrop::TDragDrop::WndMethod
[00730678] System::Classes::_18201
[77B68E6F] USER32.DLL.CallNextHookEx
[77B690CC] USER32.DLL
[77B6A66A] USER32.DLL
[77B6A6DB] USER32.DLL.DispatchMessageW