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Re: Invalid access to memory - TLogForm::LogMemoChange

Thanks for the report. Will look into it. Meanwhile, please stop using the log window.

Invalid access to memory - TLogForm::LogMemoChange

<Keep getting invalid access to memory error.)>
<If relevant, consider attaching a session log file or a screenshot)>

WinSCP 5.7.6

Error message:
Invalid access to memory.

Stack trace:
(0075B3D9) TLogForm::LogMemoChange
(00041BCE) ntdll.dll.RtlRaiseStatus
(00041A56) ntdll.dll.KiUserExceptionDispatcher
(006114FB) TLogMemo::WMLogUpdate
(006121C6) TLogMemo::Dispatch
(0021C315) Vcl::Controls::TWinControl::WndProc
(0021B95C) Vcl::Controls::TWinControl::MainWndProc
(003402A8) System::Classes::_18201
(000068E5) USER32.DLL
(00006A47) USER32.DLL
(00007D37) USER32.DLL
(0000831E) USER32.DLL.DispatchMessageW

I know how to reproduce the problem or the problem happens frequently enough. I wish to be contacted by the WinSCP team to help resolving the problem.