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Re: I am willing to translate

I've tried to login here to download the INI file, but I received this message: "Translator account with this username/e-mail does not exist or is not active."

Re: I am willing to translate

@vladilie94 : Thanks for your offer.
Though WinSCP translation to Romanian is complete.
If you have a improvement to translation, please post it here.
If you have some improvement to WinSCP itself, feel free to create a pull request on GitHub.

I am willing to translate

Hello Martin,

I am an enthusiastic contributor to open-source, an active translator at WordPress core, themes and plugins, Flowgorithm and I would like to translate WinSCP in Romanian language. Could you make me a translator for that? I can manage and the forum section for Romanians (by the way I saw there is an inappropriate language on this topic 😁) so I can be a forum moderator.

Also if possible I would like to commit changes on GitHub with my GitHub account

All the best,
Vlăduț Ilie

@spiderpc: Run WinSCP as: winscp.exe /console or

Then use help get, help open etc...


Can you guide me where I can find in WinSCP texts from section TextsCore2.rc (very long strings)? I want to do some tests to see how translation fits but I am not sure where to look for them.

Especially, keys starting with SCRIPT_...



Romanian translation topic.

Feel free to use Romanian in the discussion, but do not expect me to answer :-)