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Re: Invalid access to memory - Vcl::Imglist::TCustomImageList::DoDraw

Thanks for your report.
I have sent you an email with a debug version of WinSCP to the address you have used to register on this forum.

Invalid access to memory - Vcl::Imglist::TCustomImageList::DoDraw

<Try to describe precise steps that lead to the problem (where do you click, what keys do you press, what do you see, etc.)>
<If relevant, consider attaching a session log file or a screenshot)>

WinSCP 5.13.9

Error message:
Invalid access to memory.

Stack trace:
(0005EB89) WindowsCodecs.dll
(00085B2F) ntdll.dll
(00073A61) ntdll.dll.KiUserExceptionDispatcher
(0008D8BD) WindowsCodecs.dll
(000601A4) WindowsCodecs.dll
(00062898) WindowsCodecs.dll
(000627F5) WindowsCodecs.dll
(0001A965) thumbcache.dll.DllCanUnloadNow
(0001A7A6) thumbcache.dll
(00130E4D) SHELL32.dll
(001318CB) SHELL32.dll
(0005176F) COMCTL32.DLL
(0008B5E5) COMCTL32.DLL
(001A69A8) Vcl::Imglist::TCustomImageList::DoDraw
(001A6CAC) Vcl::Imglist::TCustomImageList::Draw
(001A6C63) Vcl::Imglist::TCustomImageList::Draw
(004972B3) Tbxutils::DrawTBXIconShadow
(0048B939) Tbxofficexptheme::TTBXOfficeXPTheme::PaintImage
(0047C879) Tbx::DrawTBXImage
(0048402B) Tbxextitems::TTBXEditItemViewer::Paint
(00467E57) Tb2item::TTBView::DrawItem

I know how to reproduce the problem or the problem happens frequently enough. I wish to be contacted by the WinSCP team to help resolving the problem.