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Re: Improving the translation

Hi @Nathan800,

Thank you for your answer. I am glad to hear that it is appreciated!
For me it seems most convenient to make the updates myself, since there are more than just a few. If it is fine for me to take over the work, I would like to.

Kind regards, Emma

Re: Improving the translation

Hi @EmmaVriezen,
Of course you can help with this, I really appreciate it. I have been responsible for Dutch translations for a few years now, but I have never been able to revise many translations from the past, as the set is simply too large for that.
How would you like to help? Would you like to take over or would you just like to point out some sentences that are wrong?

Best regards Nathan

Improving the translation

Dear reader,

I would like to contribute to the Dutch translation. While using WinSCP I have come across several grammatical errors (mainly 'dt-fouten') and other small mistakes. Also, some sentences overflow the given space, so I would like to look into that as well if that is appreciated.

With kind regards,

Bedankt voor de tip.
Ik had de vertalingen net over genomen met deze versie, ik zal het nog een keertje nalopen.

Sessie opslaan

Bij sessie opslaan staat een vakje om een vinkje te zetten om het wachtwoord te onthouden.
hierbij staat Paswoord maar dit moet natuurlijk Wachtwoord zijn.

@whichisnice: Thanks for your offer. @Nathan800 already took up the job.

I also want to offer my help adding Dutch translations.

I want to help adding Dutch translations to the WinSCP app.
You may contact me.

Re: RE:

@GameFreak: Can you send me an email?

You will find my address (if you log in) in my forum profile.


I wanna help if the authors allow me to.

@Guest: Thank you for your report.
I've updated the translation source file. The compiled translation file should be available within a few days.

@digibyte: Sorry I meant the window Options -> Preferences -> Transfer -> Endurance
See this screenshot for the English version
In Dutch it says: "Bestanden groter dan" in the place where the English version says "Disable".

@Guest: Are you sure you use the latest version of the Dutch translation?
As far as I can see there's no wrong translation for "Disable".
I also don't see what you exactly mean with the other 2 suggestions. Can you be more specific? In which window did you see the wrong translation, ...


In Transfer -> Endurance
Overdracht -> Stabiliteit

Wrong definition for Disable. In Dutch must be Uitschakelen.

Dutch (Nederlands)

This is the Dutch translation topic.

In dit onderwerp zijn alle opmerkingen/suggesties welkom omtrent de Nederlandse vertaling van WinSCP.