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Issue 1874 – Failure when opening an SFTP/SCP connection when an old version of MIT Kerberos for Windows is installed

: Core
: 5.16 beta
: Bug
: Medium
: 0
: 5.17.6
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Caused by this change:;a=commitdiff;h=d515e4f1a34b4122195b113ba42ad1c4d2de9085
Though the change is present in WinSCP since WinSCP 5.16, and the failure was not reported until WinSCP 5.17.1, with one report explicitly mentioning that WinSCP 5.16 does not have the problem:
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The problem does not occur with MIT Kerberos for Windows 4.1.
All reports so far were for 4.0.1.
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